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“The old adage "too many cooks spoil the broth" is often heard when bands swell their ranks to create a more complex sound. While the idiom sometimes holds true—particularly when there are more people on stage than in the crowd—it can also be dead wrong. Boise seven piece A Seasonal Disguise proves that—no aspect of its sound is superfluous. With keys, strings, guitar, vocals and more, A Seasonal Disguise jams together to write new tracks, keeping a bevy of instruments available for experimentation. The group improvises new additions to songs, which are often crafted by its frontman and founder, Z.V. House. It's a formula that produces a sound which can fluctuate between rock and acoustic from track to track.”

“A major part of what makes the album compelling is the way the dreamy intros often blend into long crescendos of atmospheric swells and rolling drums. This is especially evident on the album's final track, "Borrowed Tooth," which begins as an acoustic ballad but quickly brings a variety of instruments into a complex nine-minute arrangement with strings, percussion, bluesy guitar solos and a giant rock buildup that drives the album to a passage of pizzicato strings, which brings the record to its close.”

“Cello, accordion and glockenspiel add dimension to this Boise collective’s indie-rock and eccentric-folk charm. Your feelings about the album will hinge on your reaction to frontman Z.V. House’s artsy vocals. And your feelings about clarinet in rock.”

“The multi-talented indie folk number A Seasonal Disguise has grown--morphing into a soulful, rock 'n' roll inspired orchestra. What started out as a solo project by Z.V. House has blossomed into a seven-member group, comprised of House on vocals, Nik Walton on cello, Karen Jarboe Singletary on clarinet, Julia Green providing backup vocals, Josh Shapel on bass, Annie Berical on drums and Aaron Sup on keys. While each member occupies his/her own sonic niche, many dabble with percussion, accordion and harmonicas depending on the track. The result is a refreshing blend of indie rock that can channel both Neil Young and more traditional folk ditties in the same breath. A Seasonal Disguise's latest release, Waterfowl of Eastern Canada, will debut March 3 with a release party at Visual Arts Collective.”

“They like wombats. Or so says Z.V. House, singer/guitarist for Boise indie folk outfit A Seasonal Disguise. The quirky sextet performs Friday, April 30, as part of Built to Spill's benefit for Haiti at the Egyptian Theatre. A Seasonal Disguise's debut album was released in February 2009 and combines jangly pop with an eclectic mix of clarinet, accordion and tambourine. A new album is on its way later this year. Boise Weekly spoke with the raw-voiced and Neil Young-fancying House, who chatted about “troubadoring” and the musical influences of our neighbor to the north.”

“They are big and adorable in sound and energy, always reaching for more, while having obvious fun as they play. Jokes between songs are by themselves a convincing draw to join these Parisian-style indie-punkers for an evening. A Seasonal Disguise is a constant delight. ”

“We were hushed by their elaborate folk-pop--think horns, triangle, multi-part choruses, guitar, harmonica, accordion, woodwinds and more. ...as is, it could serve as the soundtrack to the next Wes Anderson film...”

“A Seasonal Disguise operates under the long, crooked shadow of Neil Young, but the resultant music has a fractured pop sensibility, with gentle arrangements and frayed vocals providing a very precise perspective, with remarkable attention to detail and shading”

“In February, the band released a CD, called " " "," an eclectic affair full of shimmery pop and melancholy folk.”

“A Seasonal Disguise is a band from Boise Idaho. Their music is fantastic and they have great lyrics. Their self-titled album has amazing tracks such as "Won't You Hibernate With Me" and "Moving Picture"”

“I’ve been browsing around the websites of a few Boise bands trying to get past that layer of "butt rock" that has gripped the area for the last 20 or so years....The song writing is strikingly mature and developed...”

“wobei man sagen muss, dass uneingeschränkter chef in der runde jener zachary von house ist. er bestimmt besetzung und ausrichtung.”