Aartwork / Press

““They have a great rapport and a mutually supportive sense of groove that ebbs and pulses with an engaging, intuitive expressivity. ...Alternately driving subjective time forward with fiery, liquid dance tunes and halting it with the affective wringing of blue notes and minor-pentatonic slurs, the duo make their own commitment clear in a way that is engaging and pleasantly unpredictable.” ”

“The Art Works are an old school trad folk duo who stumbled into an armoury of effects peddles and accidently morphed into something more Balearic. Their sound is not quite like anything you’ve heard before. (Editors note: Called The Art Works on this occasion so not to be confused with the dubstep DJ Artwork)”

“elo. caught your set at the Angel last night....just lovely....beautiful interplay between you.....so, it wan't quite folk, and it wasn't quite jazz....but somewhere in it's own little realm........v.cool. nice to meet you. Kev”

“ "Intelligently written songs and highly skilled musicianship combining lush folk melodies over syncopated jazz rhythms. For a simple guitar/fiddle duo Artwork create a very full sounding, unique & well balance fusion of genres giving us a gorgeous, original, well paced and often haunting atmosphere you can dance the night away or just close your eyes and be swept away." ”

"Artwork can always be relied upon to play classy, jazzy folk with unexpected key changes and original tunes which sound like you've known them forever. They have created a brilliant atmosphere at all of our varied events with consummate ease.