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"Art is one of the most versatile and original piano players to join Alto Madness, always bringing a new and exciting sound when he performs". Richie Cole Alto Madness

Richie Cole - Alto Madness

"Resnick delivers on the promise he showed in recordings as a sideman with others..." - Doug Ramsey - JazzTimes - Aug '89

Doug Ramsey - Jazz Times

"Art's playing is always lyrical and his compositions always seem to play themselves. I've enjoyed playing and teaching with Art". Rufus Reid Jazz Bassist

Rufus Reid

“Resnick... an impressive composer as well as performer. It will be glad tidings to jazz lovers that club dates and record contracts have been negotiated.”

Skyway News

“Resnick's compositions match the fire and intensity of his quartet.”


“Resnick is stunning.”


“Resnick compositions have a strong lyric quality... lightening fast right hand variety which, in his case, means creation of some terrific momentums and dare-devil effects.”

Minneapolis Tribine