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Thanks for stopping in and listen-in' !!!! Drew has been writing and playing a multitude of songs and styles for over twenty years. He has played venues with the likes of Blue Oyster Cult, Kansas, Leslie West, Nazereth, Bill Kirchen, John Jennings and many other well known acts. Drew has made numerous radio appearances including the Nationally syndicated Howard Stern Show. His years of live performances, studio session and radio validate his presence in today's music scene. The songs on this site along with many others archived are all written by Drew.

Drew will write or sell songs to and for other artist's, or play the music live with his band or as an acoustic act. Drew says he is a writer first, musician second. Drew writes all types of music so please don't expect a particular style. He hopes everyone finds something that appeals to their liking. "Great job to all the other musicians and talent on Reverb Nation!" Any serious inquiries for publishing, developmental projects, movies and film or special use may contact via this site and will be forwarded to attorney James E. Swiger. REMEMBER YOU MAY ALWAYS HAVE THE REAL THING !! For booking information or Press Kit contact this site or email via ...Tdhowser@yahoo.com ....Arctic Productions Agent/Manager Copyright Registration Numbers-PAu001889294/PAu001437178

Musical artist Drew Bello writes songs that involve very heart-felt lyrics and music that moves and captivates its audience. The music ranges from energetic tales of youth to very deep moments of sorrow. Drew's collaboration with musicians of all different backgrounds brings an element of individuality to his songs. Amidst the pop-rock and ballads there has always been a taste of funk, blues, and other styles existing as extensions of the musicians themselves, bringing a unique feel to the music. Drew's songs are his way of sharing emotions and insights from what he's experienced. His inspiration to write has always been and will continue to be life itself, the things that touch each and every one of us.
Drew works not only as a songwriter, but also as a producer, guitarist, and vocalist. His live performances have included work with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and AIDS benefit concerts. He has produced 5 albums of his music while in his 20's, and has become very comfortable working in the studio. Aside from performing, he has also worked in live sound as a technician for nationally recognized acts, and has made many live radio appearances (including the Howard Stern Show in 1992). Drew's multitude of recording, live, radio, and concert experiences validate his presence in today's music scene.

Drew is currently looking for contracts to place my music in movies, documentaries, radio jingles, commercials or any other media use. He can write on the spot for a particular album or pull from an arsenal of material that encompasses "ALL" styles. If your an artist that would like to cover or remake one of my songs on an up and coming album feel free to contact me for details. He has posted songs he's written, produced and played on over the past years. He will continue to write lyrics to this day and chart out the music on paper even though many of my songs have never been recorded. He has 25 years of experience playing all styles of music. His most recent notable credit has been playing lead guitar for the MACT award winning Wes Hardin and the Country Outlaws Band who he is currently with and touring. He has also played with the Long Hard Ride Band and even played along side with James Guest from Reba McEntires band. James played with Reba 11 years and played his signature blue fiddle onstage at the Hog Creek Ice House, while Drew played guitar! Drew is currently freelance as a lead guitarist for many local bands in the Waco, TX area including but not limited to such acts as Jeremy Lynn Woodall, Neon Texas, Wes Hardin Band, Rewind, Big Dave and many others! Drew has toured the East Coast from venues like CBGB's in NY to Ebor City Tampa FL. He grew up in Manassas Virginia and began playing country music as some of my first guitar songs. He has much stage, studio, sound engineering, and radio experience including the Howard Stern Show in 1992. Drew's influences include but are not limited to, and in no particular order: Joe Pass, SRV, Steve Vai, Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Jerry Reed and many more.

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EXPERIENCED LEAD PLAYER. For session work and creating unique leads that fit all styles of music. Im at home in the studio! My current status is available!
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