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The Taylor Fredricks Band, based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, started off as just Taylor Fredricks as a solo project. Taylor started playing at the age of nine and started playing out at local coffee shops by the age of thirteen. He has been gaining more exposure ever since and has been in several different bands. Taylor started off as a christian artist but got tired of writing songs based around one perticular thing and wanted to write songs about his feelings of events and happenings going on his life. After being signed to DMI Entertainment Group in February of 2010, he needed to find a band to back him if he was going to be playing shows with full bands. After several drummers, Taylor finally found Dylan Jones to be the permament drummer of the band. They had former guitarists and bassists also, but with personal differences, they decided to leave. Dylan, already having a guitarist in mind, brought in Harrison Sade, one of his best friends but was also in another band of his that wasn't quite working out. So all the Taylor Fredricks Band needed was a bassist, and after long searching, Taylor brought in Chris McVicar. Taylor and Chris have known each other through work but Taylor never considered Chris as a possibility due to knowing him as a guitarist. But then Chris told Taylor that he could play bass for the band but didn't have the right equipment for it. So after getting him a bass and an amp, it was all rock n' roll history from there on out, but doing it all independently now. The Taylor Fredricks Band has played with big names like Parabelle, Pop Evil, and Hawthorne Heights. They have also played in such cities as: Fort Wayne, Columbia City, Detroit, Battle Creek, Franklin, and Indianapolis. The band has released an EP titled "..And Then The Hearts Suffered EP" and it is sold at shows and at any Wooden Nickel store located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are all young, age randing from 18-22, and have dedication and what it takes to become a big success in the music industry.

With a former guitarist and bassist, the Taylor Fredricks band played their first show on June 11, 2010 at Planet Rock in Battle Creek, Michigan to a sold out show opening for Parabelle and Pop Evil. The band had their second show the next day at The Ritz in Warren, Michigan opening for Parabelle yet again. Due to personal differences, the former bassist and guitarist had left the band. Dylan then brought in Harrison Sade, one of his best friends to fill in the empty guitarist spot. So all the Taylor Fredricks band needed was a bassist, and after long searching, Taylor brought in Chris McVicar. On January 23, 2011, the band became direct support for Hawthorne Heights at a show in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which gained even more of a following to come. The band then resigned from DMI Entertainment Group and started doing everything independently, which was something the band had been used to.

Each member has their own influences, but some of the same. They strive to create a unique blend of styles incorporating an acoustic guitar and melodies with rock, hardcore riffs, and adding breakdowns to the mix. Some of the influences include: Brand New, Protest The Hero, Incubus, The Devil Wears Prada, Vanna, and Chiodos.

By March of 2011, the Taylor Fredricks band went into Digitracks Recording Studio in Fort Wayne, Indiana to record their album, “..And Then the Hearts Suffered EP.” The album included five tracks to convey a relationship standpoint that everyone can relate with when it comes to: break-ups, searching for the love of your life, and always being there for that special someone.

By the release of their album on July 31, 2011, the band had already been getting some buzz. Their songs “Electricity & Water Don’t Mix” and “Chase Your Happiness, But Leave Your Guilt with Me” was already getting airplay on Fort Wayne’s rock radio station, 989 The Bear. “..And Then the Hearts Suffered EP” was also being sold at all three Wooden Nickel locations in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Along with airplay and exposure, the album was also reviewed in Fort Wayne’s local magazine, Whatzup Magazine. More exposure led to getting more shows including one’s in: Columbia City, Franklin, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Due to personal differences, Chris McVicar decided to part ways with the band. But after a few fill in shows, the Taylor Fredricks band brought their former bassist, Torey McCoy to play bass. After a few months with Torey at the bassist position, the band decided to let Torey go due to other personal obligations. After all the member changes, the band decided to change it up a little bit and added keys player, Travis Kreager. The band shortly after, added Marcus Fulk as their bass player.

The members of Taylor Fredricks all share a deep passion and dedication for music. There will never be a day where they give up and call it quits. This is a band that will fight for what they want even if the road is rough one. The performance that the Taylor Fredricks band displays on stage is always energetic and you can see that this band has the heart for what they love to do. This band always leaves the crowd on their feet and chanting the lines to their songs from beginning to the end. Taylor Fredricks has everything it takes to become a well known band.

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Taylor Fredricks, Dylan Jones, Harrison Sade, Travis Kreager, Brandon Beer
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Taylor Fredricks
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Rock / Acoustic / Hardcore

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Fort Wayne, IN

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