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O.N.G Entertainment evolved from Trenton,NJ in 2005.Both co-founders James"Tigg Rillah"Lee3rd and Kenneth"K-Savage"Savage Jr grew up in the same neighborhood just a couple blocks away.James and Kenneth were kid friends from elementary school to present day and were both musically inclined on a parallel avenue. They've always knew hiphop was apart of them and eventually came together in late 2005.Since then they've accomplished many goals from owning production and recording to performing in many other states.In the summer of July 2007,O.N.G Ent created there first independent album titled "HEAVY IMPACT" which also came with mixtape"CONCRETE MUSIK".O.N.G began pressing up their material and distributing it hand to hand in the tri-state area.In 2008 they released mixtape NO DAYS OFF" which led them to earning a contract for touring with SECOND CITY RECORDs based in Chicago.Due to other entities, the success was never recovered and O.N.G remained independent. The year 2009 they released masterpiece mixtape" GLOBAL WARMING" and began working with MARIA DAVIS in NYC for MAD WEDNESDAYS" hiphop showcase. In the year 2012 being as active as they were,hard work earned O.N.G Entertainment a distribution contract with TATE MUSIC GROUP" which brought about THE BEST ALBUM OF THE LAST 5 YEARS "SELF EMPLOYED"which is available now on ITUNES. Currently promoting "SELF EMPLOYED", O.N.G also has a new mixtape out titled "BLOOD SWEAT and YEARS" which shows the growth and determination of talented kids in an urban environment.O.N.G Ent continued thier work ethic and from June 2013 -2014 they began their consisted showcasing in different cities and states with one show per month.From Pennslyvanina to Maryland,Atlanta,South Carolina and New York which is all video documented on their reverbnation website.Still in affect O.N.G Entertainment is working underground and their most recent video "Stick and Stones "produced by Covert Productions off hottest mixtape "BLOOD SWEAT & YEARS" is surfacing all over social media networks.

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Tigg Rilla,K-Savage,Kill Jonez,S.K Red Beams,Pistol Reek
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O.N.G Entertainment
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Hip Hop / R n B / Good Music

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Trenton, NJ