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In the middle of our life's journey, Eshibaby and Big Jim met in a dark wood, for they had lost the path which does not stray. But they had NOT lost their desire to distill lusciously funky music from the cosmic elements. Beset by wild bea(s)ts of Ungrooveliness in those woods, they were saved by Tony Flococopuff, Bringer of Voluptuous Bass. Together they entered the In-funk-o, to witness the horrific fruits of those mortal sins: Scenesterism, Cheesing, and Post-grunge. Inscribed above its gate was: "Abandon all jive, ye who enter here." After passing through this perilous ordeal, Eshibaby and Tony Flococopuff, parting ways with Big Jim, entered Romegatory. There they encountered Mac Daddy who, now guiding the intrepid souls through the Eternal City's twisted streets, led them out through the Gates of Fiumicino to Texadiso. There they reunited with Big Jim and, gently shoved by Mouse, proceeded to make heavenly music, singing of the Love which moves the sun and the other stars.

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Eshibaby - Guitar, Tony Flococopuff - Bass, Mac Daddy - Vox, Big Jim - Drums
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Los Faces
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Rock / Funk

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Irving, TX
Phil Cerroni