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Ok... So.... Here it is.... I started playing guitar when I was 15 on my brother's Green Stamp classical guitar (which he had re-strung with steels - 1/2" clearance at the 12th fret) After El-Kabonging that one, I meandered on a Framus for a long while until I started classical guitar lessons in my 20's. I played bass in my 30's and then a curious thing happened. In 2007 I bought a loop pedal. Now --- some might say it was a venture into the Dark Side of musicianship. I say it was a wonderful spiritual awakening for me. I could now display the ideas circling inside my cranium and have great fun exploring endless avenues of creativity. If I wanted to, I could play guitar, add bass, maybe some penny whistle, some percussion perhaps, want mandolin?, maybe some banjo. I could..... and I do. I love doing this and I invite you to join me in my reverie. Thank you

Now, the actual development of my rig is a different story. Actually, it’s the same story in more detail. I primarily play fingerstyle guitar. I was becoming interested in developing a fuller sound and was interested in broadening my horizons. This led to the purchase of the above mentioned loop pedal.
Wonderful!! Problem – guitar layers sound alike. Solution – Effects pedal to enhance the tone and separate the timbre of the layers.
Wonderful!! Problem – still sounds empty. Solution – upright bass with great depth and tone.
Wonderful!! Problem – too big and fragile to lug around. Solution – electric upright bass with none of the miking issues. Problem – still sounds empty. Solution – Percussion.
Wonderful!! Problem - Again, miking. Solution – Roland Handsonic electronic hand drum which affords me a multitude of percussion choices in one small package.
Wonderful!! – and so forth and so on.

The point is that I can present a live show with genuine instruments (Guitar, Upright Bass, Penny Whistle, Mandolin, Banjo, and Resonator Guitar) by virtue of a few carefully chosen electronic enhancements. It is not electronic music. This is still an organic presentation fueled by my heart and soul.

The music is the accumulation of years of experiences and influences. If compelled to categorize it, my music could best be described as World music. Classical, blues, Brazilian, folk, bluegrass – all are felt in ways that still have the workings of my heart as their foundation

Again, I invite you to share with me the joy of music, and the opportunity to take a journey on a path of ever-expanding musical highways and by-ways.

Thank you – Ted Yandeau

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Ted Yandeau
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Instrumental / acoustic jazz/blues

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