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At age 4, Sean would stand on the concrete slab patio which stood three feet above his back yard and play air guitar on a plastic baseball bat while pretending the rustling autumn leaves in the amber afternoon light were actually audience members.

After his first gig for an animate audience in a Daytona Beach biker bar at 13, Sean has never looked back. At 21, he set his sights on the Atlanta music scene and began playing in local venues. He’d weave in his original songs into the sets of cover tunes to which listeners would often inquire who the original artist was.

Some of Sean’s most memorable performances were held in the lobby of the Ramada Inn in New Orleans in an effort to lift the spirits of the 30 people he was stranded with for 6 days in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the 1999 International Conference for Non-Violence at the King Center in Atlanta, Georgia, various Bearapalooza events and the very recent SL Daytona Beach Jam.

After years of performing four and five nights a week in and around Atlanta, Sean went on to rank in the Atlanta Southern Voice Best of Readers Poll for ‘Male Musician’ in 2005 (2nd), 2007 (1st) and 2008 (3rd). Connect, a full concert live album, was released in January, 2008.

Later that year, the seasoned songwriter entered the virtual world of the internet commerce game Second Life under the guise of his avitar Strum Diesel. 2009 saw the release of his album Lucky, as well as a tireless schedule of his energetic live internet shows which helped him amass a devoted following that spans the globe.

Although this new ‘virtual’ career had kept him busy at home for a few years, Sean still performs in the real world despite wacky rumors to the contrary. Sean won a GIMA (Georgia Indie Music Award) in 2010 for his production work on Cell Fehrenbach’s On My Way to Love. In 2012, he put those homegrown skills to work and produced his most recent CD, 2013's Working Parts.

Since the release of Working Parts, Sean has shifted from the virtual stage back to the actual one performing up and down the east coast. September 2013 brought the release of his first ever music video for the song "At Any Rate" directed by Trenton Carson of TC Productions. Later that year he recorded an EP at Ardent Studios (Memphis, TN), Let It Go. In November 2014, Sean performed at The Annual Big Pig Jig in Vienna, GA. In 2015, Sean joined the monthly contest/platform ArtistSignal placing in the top ten for several months which gave his reach an extra boost internationally. That year also saw a very prolific period as he released the Funnel Cake and Lemonade EP, an eponymous live album and the single "Plushy Pup." That burst was followed by the 10-song album, Transparent, which was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Sean alone within a two week period in February 2016.

Sean currently lives with his husband Ron in Westland, MI with their two canine children Karma and Fate where he is currently performing regularly and writing songs for his next project, although he continues to hold residence in middle Georgia as well.

Here’s a select list of venues at which Sean has performed:

Eddie’s Attic (Decatur, GA), The King Center (Atlanta, GA), Smith’s Olde Bar (Atlanta, GA), Five Spot (Atlanta, GA), University of North Georgia (Dahlonega, GA), Tasty World (Athens, GA), Atlanta Pride Festival, Skipper’s Smokehouse (Tampa, FL), Buffington’s (Milledgeville, GA), Monkey Barrel (Gainesville, GA), Blake’s (Atlanta, GA), 106 West (Winder, GA), 37 Main (Buford, GA), Jacksonville Pride Festival, The Grey Eagle (Asheville, NC), Fall for Greenville Festival, IdFest (Asheville, NC), Café DaVinci (DeLand, FL), Kit Kat Club (Orlando, FL), Go Lounge (Orlando, FL), Java Jabbers (Orlando, FL), Sacred Grounds (Tampa, GA), Neutral Grounds (New Orleans, LA), TBRU (Dallas, TX), The Annual Big Pig Jig Festival (Vienna, GA), C-Note (NYC), Nietzsche’s (Buffalo, NY), Sidewalk Café (NYC), Kenny’s Castaways (NYC), Lizard Lounge (Boston, MA), Easton Mountain (Greenwich, NY), Oz Campground (Unadilla, GA), Sawmill Campground (Dade City, FL), The Boot Rack (Jacksonville, FL), The Buccaneer Lounge (Memphis, TN), Purple Haze (Memphis, TN), Java Cabana (Memphis, TN), Coffee in the Attic (Covington, TN), The Phoenix (New Orleans, LA), The Kaffeeklatsch (Huntsville, AL)

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