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I have loved music since my childhood and from early on I have been making sounds/music.
Around seven years old my father got me into DJing. From this base I developed making my own music, with synths and groove-boxes, like the ROLAND MC 303.
By the time I was nine I got my first computer, a COMMODORE VIC 20, then a VC128 and later an AMIGA 500. Since WINDOWS 3.11 I work on PCs…. Finally now a Mac Book Pro and I think this is the best computer i ever had under my fingers.

Some years of experience collecting with Star Sounds Orchestra (www.starsounds.de) brought me into the Cosmic Octave Tuning (www.planetware.de) and to an deeper understanding of the nature of sound. The work with Jens Zygar and Steve Schroyder was very inspiring and my start into the professional music production.

Since 1999 i produce electronic music and after my move to Thailand the live performance was getting more into focus. Also album productions for other artists are now part of my life. Raymond Romer (CH) and Hans de Booij (NL) for example.

For the live show the Kosma Solarius concept is open to guest performances and the mix of electronic music with live instruments is a wonderful add-on to my music. It is lifting the music up to another higher level and it somehow becomes alive on stage.

Jody Stoddart is the first featured artist that I have worked with at the Half Moon Festival chill-out live sessions - this is a really special partnership. Jody is an outstanding guitar player whose feel for music is incredible. Complimenting my music perfectly, Jody helps bring it alive on stage.

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Kosma Solarius - Multi-Instrumentalist
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Kosma Solarius
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Electronica / Ambient / Psychedelic

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Moskva, RU
Maria Berezina

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