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Being driven towards creating their own music,the Millano brothers did just that. Ismael and Ghork started writing for a project that didn't have a name at the time. While one brother was living in Venezuela and the other in New Jersey,the desire of writing became reality. They began to create music in a way many musicians do these days with the help of sending files to each other over the internet. Ismael handled duties of guitars/bass/vocals so they could be layered over Ghork's drum recordings that were sent from Venezuela. Not long afterward,the project was soon to be named Iratetion.

With the addition of Ismael's old friend Marcos Medina,lead guitar duties had been filled. Luis Acevedo was soon to be lead to Iratetion in order to fill the missing piece...bass. In 2010,the Iratetion lineup was solidified with Ismael,Ghork,Marcos and Luis. What started out as a long distance project, became a band doing what their passionate about...brutal music.

Already established and against all odds,Iratetion got themselves into Soundwar Studios in Hoboken,New Jersey to record their debut EP titled Motionless Decay. It was produced by Cristian Machado and Laz Pina (Ill nino). Since then,they've been traveling the Tri-State area with their brutal jungle groove while receiving positive feedback from the crowd.

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Ismael Millano - Guitars and Vocals, Ghork - Drums, Luis Acevedo - Bass, Marcos Medina - Guitars/Back Up Vocals
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Hoboken, NJ
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