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Solyot Zbig / Bio

New songs in high resolution are on https://myspace.com/zbigtime/music/songs
It plays on iPhone Safari, Android. Send me a message to solyot@hotmail.com how this made you feel
Here's the Bio:
The spirits of the victims talk to me
"Fear is your enemy.
Fear unites the nation
In a mass masturbation to slaughter another nation. Corruption is a gear of fear."
I support this slaughter by using fossil fuels. The voting is an opium for masses
"If voting could change anything, it would be illegal." (Lakota Indian Russell Means) I elect the criminal government with my dollars.
In darkness I find sparks of light
to cut through thick goop of corporate lies
In my dream I raise ants to a size of a horse.
Such an ant carries couple of humans
with a speed about 100 mph,
across the terrain with no roads,
up and down thedesrtstrms, the mountain walls,
never crushes with another ant,
eats only few spoons of honey per day.
I grow dragonflies to the size of a helicopter
to transport cargo, hundreds of tons
with a speed of thought.
I wake up as en exterminator
pouring into the ant's nest a pesticide Malathyion,
originally designed by Nazis for genocide.
I belong to specie that is a most dangerous,
greedy and stupid in the history of this planet.
Or did get contaminated?
Non organic entities Archons. John Lash, https://youtu.be/hvMEUymxvrY
Toxoplasmosis? A deadly virus? Mentaly transmited diseases injected by Abraham? A hidden agenda to get ride us? (Bill Cooper, Phil Sneider)
Some entities want the planet for themselves? But the cosmic laws are protecting us. We are powerful here! They are not!
That’s why they try to kill us with our own hands: UN Agenda 21 What if… the military industrial complex works just for them?
They slaughtered 260 million humans in last 100 years. Using the “divide and conquer” technique. The race/religion conflicts putting in our hearts. What if… the governments, politicians, war criminals, mutants, humanoids, celebrities, soulless minions at UN work for them? (Always their names falsify the real content. It's not the united nations; it's United Regimes that work for them.) Bankers of the New World Order who sponsored all the mass murderers Hitler-Stalin duo, Mao, Pol Pot, the whole Communism/Crony Capitalism game. Globalists making the laws, pushing the plans of extinction for the human race
Pulling the strings of the evil puppets Hitler, Stalin, North Korea horror show
We are in Orwell's 1984 but we are distracted by ‘global warming maffia’ as the sun decries its output and our Earth approaches an Ice Age
I was always wandering: Why Hitler didn’t give himself a Noble Price?
Now he did! A Nobel Peace Price given to a front man
of the bloodiest killers conducting the war on humanity
‘I’m really good in killing people’ he brags.
His drone operators proudly kill anyone on another side of globe,
The centralized mass-hysteria-media they control
Glorifying war, justifying post birth abortions,
Shooting babies with deadly vaccines, paralyzing, immunizing to “protect” us
Force feed humanity with brain frying fluoride, radiation, genetically modified tumor foods, chromosome damaging pesticides
Deprogram us down to false hero values, ruthless, self-indulgent trendies
they want you to imitate
Obedient to the military industrial complex propaganda
Governments’ controlled media hypnosis, cover-ups
The establishment’s crimes become daily bread to us
a standard routine of our predators
Training us for a Stockholm Syndrome to adore our tyrants
Inject into our minds the intellectual/scientific prostitutes’ awards
as the highest achievement of humanity
Criminalizing freedom, killing the messengers,
(Gary Web commits a suicide by shooting himself twice in a head? How much fluoride they drunk?)
Pay a tribute to the greatest thinkers of our time, the heroes telling the truth in a time of universal deceit. John Lash, Dr. Judy Wood, https://youtu.be/bITl3lmbWb8
David Icke, Max Igan, Michael Rivero, Alex Johns, https://youtu.be/OfwtbjMg6ew
Gerald Celente, Jesse Ventura, Rosa Koire https://youtu.be/hw_04vpWq6M
Jordan Maxwell, Bill Cooper: https://youtu.be/CEsesnzDBvA
What if… the religious characters were written like comic books to program us to accept the lies?
A subliminal mind control “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” but it
doesn’t say, you’ll speak the truth. That’s a mafia rule.
Thus motivated by diamond rings, silicon tits, Hollywood glitter, TV dictatorship
Power trip, with the mind connected to their iPhone like on the strings puppets
The specie is committing a mass suicide
Destroying itself and the spaceship Earth
Turning this wonderful Sea Temple into a tumor covered brain dead toxic dump,
Fuck them! The only way to save my humanity from a disaster is to kill the bastard with your imagination station follow your true self Fearless and Innocent, and Happy What I feel What I do What I think What I sing: http://youtu.be/uGMbkHTs0VE
An intro to our immense potential that we have, but we were told we don’t have it so we are not using it.
Galloping on my ant through Arizona desert, I wake up from the dream
A strange fellow appears at my door, serving me a bundle of papers. I have 20 minutes to live my home. May be never come back. What do I grab? When the hurricane is swiping me away? A toothbrush?m A jar of salt from Pacific? My violin? Or a pare of wings? My ancient stone knife found the river bed? Or a bag of datura seeds to help me to find something I lost? My freedom. Datura is helping me instantly as I am choosing my freedom and giving up my home. Is the legal system able to find me innocent? when I'll prove that the accusations are false? In case of corrupt law, it doesn't matter what kind of law is written in the books. The only law I obey is compassion; including compassion for myself.

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Solyot - Multi-Instrumentalist/Composer
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Solyot Zbig
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Sf, CA
Solyot Zbig

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