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Young Lyric is an American rapper, poet, musican, journalist, Nationalist, and Orator. He released his debut Album titled, "Ambiguity: A Playlist of My Emotions. He's unsigned and independent at the moment but is actively pursing a career in Hip-Hop.

Lyric was born June 30, 1990 in Arlington, Texas a suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. He has one sibling, Joe Williams Jr, yet he's the first son of Toni Robinson and Jamie Gibbs. He was abandoned by his birth father before his first birthday, but was raised by a strong single mother. His stepfather also played a huge role in his childhood. At youth his mother instilled Christian values that can be found in his music and shapes his beliefs. He moved frequently back and forth from Dallas and San Antonio to live with his caring grandmother. After his mother was laid off at MCI Worldcom due to the MCI Inc. Accounting Scandal of 2001, Lyric and his family permanently moved to San Antonio. He attended Wheatley Middle School and Sam Houston High School, where he graduated in the top ten percentile. While at Sam Houston, Lyric learned the art of Hip-Hop and soon mastered it. He's a member of the Brotherhood/Hip-Hop group, Lyrical Gods, comprised of (Living Legend, AMisVicious, Trig, Jaiye Blaze, D-Moss, and Lyric himself). After graduation he attended the University of Houston where he made a plethora of music with A.M. and D-Book of the Astro Kids. After a rough year in Houston in which life taught him that you never know what’s gonna happen next, he returned to San Antonio to regain his focus, and take over and change hip-hop, one song at a time.

iPod Shuffle
His 1st mixtape titled, "iPod Shuffle" was a compilation of songs over industry beats. His song, "Different Girl" feat D-Book and AMisVicious took on a cult following. Other great cuts include, "When It's All Said and Done" Feat. Yung Phenom, and "By The End of the Night" Feat. D-Book the mixtape can be found on datpiff.com

Ambiguity: A Playlist of My Emotions
The prodigal release of Young Lyric was Ambiguity. This was not a mixtape but an Album chronicling his stent in Houston, the failure of his education, the heartbreak of disapproving wishes from his mother, and the failed relationship at the time. It's a very candid look on the situations in his life at the time, with him being as honest in his music as he's ever been. It was critically acclaimed by critics, though never garnering the attention of mass appeal. It's out of stock currently making it a very rare piece in his career.

She Says IDK...
On March 13, 2011 Lyric and his friend Trig of Lyrical Gods fame went on to release a joint project called, "She Says IDK..." The project was a very free-spirited effort and ranged from topics on their relationships to their goals in music, and their ever changing lives. Shortly after Trig joined the Army, hauling work on their next mixtape, "Taking Shots." It was another moderately praised effort and displayed the great chemistry the two possessed because of their life-long friendship.

69: The Cancerian
Given his deep musical roots bc of his step-fathers family, Lyric had a deep passion for R&B. He always lists Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Donny Hathaway as influences. He's always been known to carry a melodic note during his raps, so he made The '69: The Cancerian mixtape, influenced by The Weeknd's "House Of Ballons". It's also received moderately warm reviews, mainly for his knack of melody-making. He also began working with San Antonio Rap Duo, "Starfuse" consisting of BD Hendrix and NemoBlitz who appear on the only released single, Slow Dance.

In October of 2011 Young Lyric shortened his name to "YL" and officially joined AstroLif3 Entertainment, consisting of himself, Darrius Record, Deshawn Booker, Justin Booker, and Aaron Harvey. They've re-branded themselves as Hip-Hop's Fab5 named after the Michigan Wolverines.

The Big YL Tape:
He is in the process of releasing, "The Big YL Tape" a tribute to the great rappers named Big (Pun, Notorious, L, and Moe). Slated to a January 31st release it will also be his first release on the AstroLif3 brand and feature the whole #Fab5

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