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Jerry Dowell would be considered primarily a Poet although his association with the Six String Guitar that (became an Obsession) has compelled him to compose for the wide range of Country, Bluesy, Jazzy and Gospel Vibes that exist in and around the Kansas City Area.
as well as recording and performing in the Kansas City Area Dowell has published a book of Poetry, Song Lyrics and Art titled; "The Art of Living and Dying". his dedication to learning how to adequately Handle the Electric and Acoustic Guitars so as to create and execute Musical Landscapes that provide exciting backgrounds for Poetic glimpses of Beauty, Tragedy, Sadness, Wisdom and Love...
Pitch Weekly Magazine in Kansas City says; "On Prelude, his second disk, Dowell veers from honky-tonk to loop-driven percussive funk to sax-driven free jazz to doo-wop balladry, treating each genre with respect. . . his rugged, weather-beaten vocals and literate lyrics(The evil that I see/is the conflict that I find inside of me) communicate the same appealing personality regardless of their backdrop."
the Pitch Weekly once again were very kind in their assessment of Dowell's third disc, 'Naked' an Acoustic Guitar and vocal record with Guest Artist Guitarist Doug Bennett; "Dowell's first two records were ostentatiously eclectic, veering from boozy blues stomps to sax-splattered jazz. On Naked, he draws a straight line from Springsteens's Nebraska to the Eagles' Hotel California, cruising rustic westward roads as tumbleweeds somersault to his rhythmic strums and artfully eroded vocals. The only ornate accent is his harmonica, which flashes like a speck of gold in a dust storm. . . . He's an authentic outlaw without affectation."

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Jerry Dowell, Jem Razz, Andrew Feldman
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Jerry Dowell Band
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Country / Blues / Rock

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Kansas City, MO
Thunderhorse Production Co.

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