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BornToLive Zackery Gorny was born on October29, 1985 on the Northside of Pittsburgh. At a young age, he was blessed with an open mind in regards to the absorption to listen to the music of various and culturally diverse legendary music artists. One of the most important lessons that this upcoming star would learn was that in every artist song, there would be a major story. Consequently, some of his major influences consist of the late 2PacShakur,lyrnard skynard, JayZ, and the Beatles, just to name a few. At the age often, Zackery Gorny began experimenting with melody and soon transformed himself into Cassius also known as Cass. Even at this youngage, friends and family noticed that this child had a gift. Two of Cass most popular fans were his brother and cousin. But as the story goes, sadly in 1996, Cass lost his brother to gang violence. This was a very traumatic event for the young upcoming artist and he soon realized that due to the rise of senseless deaths, he had to make a choice between lifeandDeath. “It was either make music or become a statistic,” says Cass. It was because of this untimely event that Cass realized that he would choose life. Like the artist that he admired, it was finally time to tell his story.To date, "Cass" has made over1,000 songs and performed at over 50 venues. Cass describes himself as a versatile artist with an eastcoast flow and downsouth vibe that he has made his own. With daily influences and observing every situations significance as it relates to a story, Cass is progressing each day. To those who know about him, and to others who have no clue, this 24 yr old artist is ready to “SHINE.”

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Cassius,cassius claye,pittsburgh hphop,rapper,singer,prodcer of heavyweightbeats
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Rap / rnb / hiphop

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Pittsburgh, PA
Zack Gorny

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