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Upon introduction to an artist with the name Cash Campain, one may be tempted to imagine some trendy rapper who likes to sing on the track. That assumption however, would unfortunately be wrong and is light years away from what you really get from this rising star. At first listen you will be infused with melodic pulses, that wrap you in a familiar sound known as R&B music. Then you ride an intense wave of symphonic beats that capture your attention and have you wanting to know more. By the time you’re done, you’ll have received the full urban soul experience complete with a hint of old school nineties flavor.

Cash Campain is a Northern California crooner who refuses to be boxed in. His moniker is a combination of his government name, artist he’s been inspired by and the passion evoked from the pain he often writes about. His sound is eclectic and his intention is to take listeners to that place where only raw emotion will allow them to go. Speaking of emotion, Cash Campain has a song to reflect every feeling. Consider him the narrator to your everyday.

He’s been musically grinding for his spot for a while now and has developed into more than just an artist. He writes, vocally produces records and oversees the mixing and engineering of them. Cash Campain is CEO of his indie label, 99 South Entertainment, which is an ode to the freeway that runs through his hometown neighborhood. Its a highway he’s traveled many a time, dreaming of the day he would bring his music to the masses. His current single “Pride” has generated major buzz in the Bay Area and is certified by "Thizzler on the Roof" top ten artist Caleborate, who also happens to be his brother.

Whats important to know about Cash Campain more than anything is that he’s authentic. He only creates music he believes in, that he’s attached to, not necessarily whats popular. Its his authenticity that he hopes will guarantee his longevity. In an industry that changes by the minute, Cash Campain hopes to be the kind of artist listeners can depend on.


Contact: cashcampain@gmail.com

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Cash Campain
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R&B/Soul / Hip Hop

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San Francisco, CA

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