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The dirtiest rock n roll you've heard in years, pipin hot and fresh out of Atlanta! The Dreaded Marco stands as a reminder of what named the South dirty.
Chapter 1:
The band began as a brain child of Charlie Sheets when he booked studio time with engineer/drummer Mike Froedge (Black Label Society, DoubleDrive, SpeedX) and Dixie Duncan at Open Sky Studio in Atlanta and began recording an idea of 4 songs he'd brought in for an EP (Metrognome, 2010) together. Five weeks after the decision to make the band a recurring thing, the boys stepped out of the studio and on to the stage with riffs they really loved playing, melodies that just stuck out to them, and an open mind to how far they could go with their ideas. Raw rock n' roll, nothing but sonic attitude, hip shaking grooves meet head banging beats. The addition of Scott Williams on bass guitar brought another jazz groove and boogie influence into the Marco style. The listener truly hears the vast range of influences to the music, ranging from the original American rock n roll that folks now call country (Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Elvis, etc.) motown, blues and jazz, classic rock to industrial, and modern rock. The sound or genre the band would be classified in was an afterthought for The Dreaded Marco, and that freedom birthed a truly original sound. Their live show has earned them the reputation of being one of the best live bands you'll ever see.

Chapter II: The band parted ways with lead guitarist Dixie Duncan, and faced the challenge of filling out the line up with someone that could bring as much to the table, more if asked. So, the band polled all of their favorite guitarists with the question "Who makes you feel like you need to practice the most?" and the resounding answer was Mike Martin. The transition was as effortless as could be, all members of the band already having a great friendship & rapport with MM, the music fell together from the very first rehearsal. The addition of Mike Martin added a focus to the sound that the band had yet to achieve, and the already strong songwriting became an undeniably formidable force. Setting their sites towards marketing, distribution, and touring, the band now sets their sites on bringing the Marco sound worldwide.

The Dreaded Marco: Dirty Rock n Roll

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Band Members
Charlie Sheets - Lead Vox/Guitar, Mike Froedge - Drums, Scott Williams - Bass
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The Dreaded Marco
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Rock / Blues / Booty-Shake

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Atlanta, GA

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