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The Baja Yetis serve up a funk based soul stew that is sure to get you on your feet and take you to your happy place.

Comprised of some of the best musicians in Central Kentucky, The Baja Yetis have been bringing a fresh funk jazz jam mix to the stage with an energetic, eclectic live show and an impressive arsenal of guest vocalist.

The core of the rhythm section is made up of Mark Gardner (Keyboards), Brandon Bowlds (Guitar), Mark Falk (Bass) and Danielle Barkman (Drums/Home Made Synths).

A hard hitting horn section is the icing on the cake. Comprised of local jazz and funk veterans Billy Underwood (Saxophones) and Shawk (Trumpets/Brass) This horn section blends together into its own flavor and is an integral piece of what sets The Baja Yetis apart from the crowd. Both Billy and Shawk have been playing music together for over 20 years now in many bands including The Quack and Universal Frequency.

Brandon Bowlds is one of those guys that can play anything with strings. Guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin... it doesn't matter, Brandon will get down. A veteran of the Lexington scene, Brandon has been in so many bands over the years and continues to play with a number of bands including Green Genes, Bluegrass Collective and Born Cross Eyed to name a few.

Mark Falk is another veteran of the diverse and eclectic Lexington music scene and is a talented multi-instrumentalist who sees no boundaries. Mark has been busy over the years in bands such as Luna Groova, Astrolyte, Triptamine Arkestra and more. At home on bass, theremin or his trusty Moog "R2" Mark is a groove machine and loves to take music to it's limits, then go a little further still. Mark Falk and Danielle spent many years together funking it up in the psychedelic hip-hop jam band Astrolyte, as well as Junk and various other projects.

Danielle Barkman is a combination of groove, chops and feel and is more than just a drummer, she's a musician who listens and reacts. Living deep in the pocket with her fusion of funk, jazz and psychedelia, Danielle holds it down on both drum kit and Zendrum. She is also a "Mad Scientist" who builds analog synthesizers and effects and is known to take solos on an analolg synth built into a lunchbox. With a musical background ranging from metal and progressive rock all the way to funk, jazz and jam, she has been with many bands over the years including Blue Honey, Witchazel, Astrolyte, Anomaly, Zongo, The Merry Pranksters, Screaming Rubber Chicken and more.

Mark Gardner, a seasoned professional on piano, is often out playing jazz as well as rock and country. Mark is the real deal and a players player. A gifted ear and the ability to play exactly what is needed has quickly cemented Mark into The Baja Yetis rhythm section and added new dimensions to their sound.

The Baja Yetis have been a band 20 years in the making. Years ago Billy, Shawk and Danielle were all playing together in the Eastern KY University Jazz Band. Years later members from Astrolyte and Universal Frequency were often seen jamming on stage together. Finally after all these years they have evolved into a rare and funky treat, The Baja Yetis.

The Baja Yetis are a new/old funky/jazzy jam band steeped in a gumbo of New Orleans jazz, funk, rock, soul and more. Placing their collective groove in a fission powered crock pot which Mark accidentally ordered from the future, The Baja Yetis are a groove powered time machine destined for 1975.

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Band Members
Danielle Barkman - Drums/Home Made Synths/Noises and Weird, Mark Falk - Bass, Billy Underwood - Saxophone, Shawk - Horns, Brandon Bowlds - Guitar, Big Chill - Vocals, D - Vocals
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The Baja Yetis
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Funk / Jazz / Psychedelic Jam

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Lexington, KY

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