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The mythological symbolism of the circular serpent eating its own tail, known as the Ouroboros, represents a constant re-creating of oneself. What better symbol to use for a band that features an already established multi platinum artist from the R&B world mixed in with legendary members of the Baltimore underground rock scene?

BLACK ANGEL DOWN, born from the ashes of some of Baltimore’s most widely successful and sound forging rock bands like The Mayan Factor, Imbue and Agents of the Sun is polygamous in how they have married multiple genres into a union that incorporates rock, soul and R&B. Fronted by Nokio, the N-Tity, of legendary multi platinum R&B group, Dru Hill, BLACK ANGEL DOWN’s sound is layered with in your face, hard-hitting grooves and soulful melodic vocals and harmonies.

Captivating audiences and winning over fans with the very first note at their live shows, it’s no surprise that Skope Magazine named them a “super group”, and various media outlets such as Artist in the Plus and Rocksposure.com have recognized them as “Artist of the Week” and “Artist of the Month”. Every song from “Pretty Face” to “Sniper Scope (I Know You’re Out There)” to the banging remake of Dru Hill’s classic, “How Deep Is Your Love” takes you on a journey to the outer limits of your being where all that exists is the capacity to be free. “Black Angel Down represents the end of the darkness and the beginning of the light, a constant rebirth and reinvention,” says Nokio, front man of the group. “We create music that make people feel like it doesn’t matter how long or how hard you fall, you can always get up and start again.”

Having played to sold out crowds across the country in venues such as Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore, MD and the Bitter End in NYC, BLACK ANGEL DOWN has created a huge buzz amongst their peers and garnered the attention of industry leaders such as WIYY Baltimore, 98 Rock’s own Matt Davis who has championed the band’s music by placing their song “Wind” in heavy rotation. Industry vet Gary Jay, owner of Land Shark Promotions invited them to headline at the Land Shark Promotions Stage during the 2013 SXSW in Austin, TX where they also performed to a sold out crowd. “The creative energy and professionalism of this band is way beyond anything I’ve been involved in before,” says co-founder and guitarist Kevin Baker. “1-2-3-4 and BAM! It’s like a bomb hits every venue we play and the energy shoots from the stage and blows everyone’s hair back in slow motion…it’s like swallowing the red pill and waking up in the Matrix.”

BLACK ANGEL DOWN is more than your average band. They are an experience that has shattered the clichés that keep music in a box and have unleashed a sound that cultivates an emotional connection to what music is supposed to be….life, love and Rock & Soul.

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Nokio - Vocals, Kevin-Bass & Vocals, Rod- Guitar & Vocals, Ralph - Guitar & Vocals, Dan- Drums
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Black Angel Down
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Baltimore, MD

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