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Rae Lyrique (la-reek) was born in Washington D.C. and since the age of 8, has been creating poetry and song. He is the CEO of his record label, Hip Hop 360 records and also lone artist. His lyrical capabilities show strong through the majority of his music and his creatively diverse songwriting are on display in such songs as "Panama Sky, Stuck inside a Limbo" and "Moon & Stars."

Rae has been in the studio and performing now for only a year and a half officialy, not counting the years he spent writing songs for leisure. What made him turn his love into work? The possibilities. His true want is to be the purest artist in the industry by being soley responsible for creating his own music without dilusion from mainstream and industry propaganda. He considers himself "a child of the old school and pioneer in his own right." Music is his passion and you can see it when working with him, he's so focused on "not just saying anything." Everything with Rae Lyrique has to be relevant...relevant to something.

Coming from Washington D.C., Rae in his earlier years was asked "why do you speak proper to n***as?" He answered, "I see words."

Lyrique definately takes his music to heart but truly loves what he does and doesn't take the scene too seriously or let it effect his approach to song creativity.

His upcoming projects include a new mixtape due in spring 2012, a second video, and a cache of new songs, both solo and collabs. "I'm enjoying this...every minute I spend on my music I enjoy; this is a gift I am truly thankful for," Rae said.

Respects Rae; Respects

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