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I grew up on early 90s hip hop, from the laid back vibe of A Tribe Called Quest to the in your face style of Redman. I jotted my first rhyme down in the mid 90s and dozens of notebooks and cyphers later, I'm trying to put together a collection of music to reflect what I've experienced and envisioned during my lifetime. Life's a journey for all of us and I'm just trying to relay parts of mine through the drums and melodies music provides. With of course some braggadocious punchline joints mixed in (gotta do something with all these punchlines I've written over the years).

All support is appreciated. Most of us have our 9 to 5s and daily grinds, but music is always there to give us that extra push. For those that used to stay up late at night holding the antenna on your tape recorder at the best angle to get a good signal for recording a joint from the radio, this is for you!

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Lakewood, NJ