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Acheron Flow / Bio

Portland, Oregon, American Emcee, Randy, Lee, Grenawalt, better known as his stage name Acheron Flow (born February 19, 1987). In a premonition had the same birthday as Immortal Technique, one of the greatest revolutionary Emcees of all time. He compared there birth dates @ ViporRecords.com and it ended up being true. His revolutionary new age, metaphysical lyrics are inspired by this and a prayer that he did in 2012 Hemp Stock. In This Prayer he asked god to forgive him of his sins and validate his opinions about the Illuminati, then he saw a UFO nearly instantaneously. In this event he did not ingest any hallucinogens. This link has footage of the same crafts he saw around the same time these crafts appeared in other areas around the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpeHMhVabWw These UFO were shown on fox news. Fox news saw it as a hoax or some sort of gas, as if that doesn't sound corny, when other media sources disagree. This event inspired him to nearly read every religious book while in jail. He was shocked that most intervention with angels where just prophets having contact with extraterrestrials. These books also inspired 3 alter egos to be created in Acheron Flow's work and music, Acheron Flow who is the spirit of his other aliases Wordvana and, Mku. Wordvana is his second ego who father's his third ego Mku because Wordvana is his more responsible charichotor. MKU is short for M k Ultra. Click this link for info on the M K Ultra Project.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra. M K Ultra is used to control the thoughts of the populous with out there awareness. What happened is people have been doing mock human demonic possessions to random victims to promote population control. click link for details.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demonic_possession Mku is Acheron Flow's evil more fleshy character who has good intentions but still get's tempted by evil, Wordvana is Mku's father that sheds light on Mku's disposition. the three ego's. were inspired by the new age philosophy of the Trinity.

At one point, Acheron Flow went jail. An officer assaulted him then tried to say it was Randy's falt. Acheron Flow had been charged with felony charges for hitting Deputy Lyons in Washington county jail. He was facing 5 to 20 years in prison. it was a scary time for him! Click link for details.
http://s1188.photobucket.com/user/acheronflow1/media/S011000744_1412011123000-1.jpg.html In this statement Deputy Lyons some how managed to open the locked kiosk door then drag Randy to his sell. Some how Grenawalt put up a cheezy fighting stance with paper in his hand and said threatening words out of his character. This is untrue! "Mysteriously" the jail forgot about it and let him go free at an unplanned time with his release date removed. see this documents in the link
http://s1188.photobucket.com/user/acheronflow1/media/S011000744_1412011124000-1.jpg.html He was there for, Four month and there was a 6 randomly in the amount of month he was supposed to be there for in the paper work. After that and countless false arrests, he realized its time for revolution.

In 10-24-15, around 10:25am in Portland, Or, @ SW Yamhill and 10th Ave looking into the sky away from the library with my back away from it I saw a cluster of UFo’s in my left peripherals, I started to stare and noticed there were 3 UFO’s doing maneuvers that regular aircraft's can’t do. After about 10 minutes I noticed 1 more that joined them for some reason. They were all relatively close together doing strange flight patterns in the sky.
This link is an example of what Randy Grenawalt saw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4niyoxTh-Kg
Ironically the film in this link was video taped around the same time he saw the 4 UFO's from the library.
Now…….. prier months back I had asked god to confirm the green orb UFO’s I had seen in 2012 Hemp Stock. I told myself I knew I would see them again. These UFO’s however were metallic orb looking crafts.

Randy Grenawalt makes sure his topics are revolutionary and has interest in participating in charitable events and gatherings. On top of the revolutionary topics in his lyrics he also has a dynamic blend of free verses, clever similes, punch lines, and metaphors hip hop heads love to hear. There is stuff for every species to shake there booty to:) lol Human, zombie and extraterrestrial.
Acheron Flow started rapping in Portland at the age of 16. Since then he has developed a respectable catalog of music. He has battled on the same set as Illmaculate in three different occasions. He has released two downloadable mix tapes, the Boot Leg mix tape in 2010, Sub-conscientiousness in 2012 and his L-P Alienated in 2011. In 2013, he released AF his self title album, Acheron Flow/AF. He just released Mku Presnts Acheron Flow's Greatest Hits In His Opinion, Jan 20, 2015. In hip hop Acheron has released various videos on youtube. In 2011 he released his promo You Tube music video PDX Hustle. Over all he has 80 plus songs on Youtube. He has performed countless shows across the country and "has toured multiple occasions" He claims to have collectively sold over 16,000 copies under the table in the streets in a 3 year time period. Acheron Flow has opened for lots of major artists such as, Esham, KuttCalhoune, WombStetcha, Kid Ink, PJB, Nipsey Hussle, NATAS, Bizzy Bone, Crazy Bone and more. Acheron Flow is in the process of taking his music to the streets to expose his music to different audiences across the U.S. Maybe you will run into him on your city block while he is bleeding his Cd’s! Also look out for his Anarchist Hood Bookss Mix-Tapes catalog 1-6 coming soon!!!!
For now check out his music in this link....

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