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As a child, Cherylann imagined there was a hidden microphone in a button on her shirt that allowed the whole world to hear her sing the songs she made up. Her WV mountain mama began to find stages for her to sing on when she was 5... talent shows, minstrels, recitals, family gatherings and such. After being inspired by "Coal Miner's Daughter" when she was 12, she learned to play guitar, and started writing songs, and performing professionally as a country singer at fairs, festivals, restaurants, banquet halls, and Wheeling's own Capital Music Hall. Her style had changed from broadway songs to country, then she transformed again when she moved to Pittsburgh, PA 20 years ago at the time when Lilith Fair artists graced the music industry.

So now, Cherylann Hawk has found her niche in alternative folk pop, with jazzy country melodies riding the waves of exotic rhythms. Her voice has been compared to some of her influences... Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morisette, Joni Mitchell, and Karen Carpenter. In addition to playing rhythm and finger-style acoustic guitar, she also plays a little bass, mandolin, ukalele, percussion, and kazoo! Her songs of love and resolution will warm your heart and soothe your soul,

Over the past 20 years, she recorded 3 full length CDs and many other projects of her own while living and performing in Pittsburgh, and has sung as a back up singer for many bands on stage and in studios. She has been recording music and voice over's for IRead2Know on iHeart Radio, and will continue to teach and guide children of all ages. She has begun to record her next CD, but has decided to stop searching for live performance opportunities until her 5 year son and 11 year old daughter have grown. Besides singing in hospitals for the Sonny Pugar Foundation's "Music Smiles" program,  and at some random shows here and there, Cherylann Hawk has decided to mostly be an "on line musician". She plans to build a fanbase that will join her as she travels the world someday when circumstance allows... "I'm starting to remember, some riddles of my younger years, when I wanted to sing for the world so that everyone will like it here!"

"Where ever it is that I sing, I love the joy of making music with my friends and family.  Music is a connection between us and with the divine. It brings us into the moment, and can create a sense of peace and belonging. It's a gift, a prayer, a meditation, a medicine, an inspiration, a discipline, a skill, a link, a magnet, a reminder, and best of all, it's energizing and fun! I hope you enjoy the music that I make with my family and friends."

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Cherylann Hawk - Vocals
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Cherylann Hawk
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Singer Songwriter / Alternative Folk Pop / Country

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Verona, PA

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