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Born in Washington Heights on December 20th, 1990 and raised in Harlem, Perry "Perrion" Rodriguez developed an ear for urban hip hop music at an early age. Artists like Jay Z, Tupac and Notorious B.I.G., as well as Wu Tang Clan, had a big impact on him growing up. One of his favorite memories as a kid was going with his father to The WIZ to buy the latest rap albums. Perrion started rapping around the age of 8 when he started to bust rhymes and beat box with his brother Rafael "Preview" Rodriguez at home.
At age 11, Perrion appeared on the public access rap show Mad Cyphers with his older cousin Jae Millz and brother Preview. He learned how to play the drums when he was 12, and later started a band with his friends. When Perrion turned 13, he and Rafael were signed to Universal Records. Besides going on tours, they appeared in music videos such as "Who" with Jae Millz and "Take It Slow" with Oryan. Perrion and his brother were later dropped from the label due to unfortunate circumstances, which lead him to turn away from music for a while and focus on other things. Perrion picked up skateboarding in New York and eventually made a video about that subculture called Mira CoNYo with his friends. At age 17, Perrion moved to Marietta, Georgia and finished his last year of high school there. After his first year living in Marietta, he decided to start making beats and writing raps again.
In the winter of 2010, Perrion dropped his debut mixtape, Perception, inspired by the academy award winning film, Inception. Perrion's previous experience shined through on the tape which reminded people of Curren$y and early Wiz Khalifa. Still Perry was not satisfied, with a few self-produced tracks done for his next project, Le Bourgeon, he looked to improve his raps and step his game up for his small following.
In January, 2011 following the release of Perception, Andrew "Roo" Rivera, an intern at Complex Magazine, heard Perrion's "The Time Is Right" Ft. Microphone Preview and began to give Perrion some advice on how he could get his popularity up online. In February 2011, after some short conversations, Perrion and Rivera teamed up, Perrion as the talent and Roo as the manager. Perry was working on his album in Atlanta and Roo was building a buzz for him in New York. In April, Perrion and Roo decided that with Le Bourgeon almost wrapped up, Perry would move to New York. When the entirely self-produced Le Bourgeon was released in 2011, it received over 1,000 downloads. The free album also began to receive praise from blogs such as Earmilk, Frank151, and others.
Perrion now boasts over 1,300 fans on Facebook, has thousands of video views, and his website has over 4,900 hits, a great boost from his numbers only seven months ago. He continued his success with the Electro-inspired mixtape Circuit Breaker, which dropped on 11-11-11. Circuit Breaker executive produced by LivLife Productions, had the street buzzing. Perrion has stepped up lyrically and created a new lane for himself as he merged Hip-Hop and Electro. Perrion opened up for ASAP Rocky at The Masquerade in ATL on the eve of his new project. Perrion was then flown out to Paris to join forces with Poyz N Pirlz to release the NEW project "From Paris With Love" w/ Paris based producer Myth Syzer on February 16, 2012 and performed 3 major shows. FPWL proved to show Perrion as the embodiment of true HipHop. Fans can look forward to his honest, classic New York raps over soothing, funky beats. With his much anticipated latest project " From Perry With Love" due to release in January 2013, one can be sure Perrion is taking his claim in Hip Hop and he is off to a great start.

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