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I was Born in Los Angles California raised in Merced California, I have been taking care of myself since seventeen years of age. I enjoy writing music, listening to music, freestyling, reading, Drawing, designing, riding, and being a Barber. I have been all over the world but there is alot of places I still have'nt seen yet. I believe that anything is possible if you just keep faith and believe you can make it in this world, I want people to know that this is the entertainment business and you need to read up and prepare yourself finacially and marketing wise. Keep a close nit supportive circle around you before entering this industry. I would like to say Thank You to Reverbnation for this oppertunity to gain exposure and show my talent.
Also show other people an kids that you can accomplish anything as long as you set goals, and be tenacious on accomplishing the goals you set. Just work hard and give a hundred an ten percent at everything you do. I had to struggle in life because I didnt want to learn from other peoples mistakes. Just point your feet in the right direction and go, I was raised without a father but raised by a loving and caring mother. She taught me that God has a plan for me and prepared me for the world as a young man.
I was taught how to cook, clean, wash clothes, and drive all at the age of ten years old. I was raised to be true to myself no matter how much money I made, and to be true to myself no matter what. Threw all my hard work I Now have a beautiful family and feel that I am truly blessed, threw all the pain I went threw as a child I have grown from it and I am still standing. My life is a testament that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Thank You to all my fans and Thank you to everyone that believed in me Flex Money!

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