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I started fooling around with drums at age 11 and by the age of 15 was playing and recording with rock bands in the SF Bay Area. My first recordings were made with a folk rock duo - Pat n' Al - at the old Coast Recording Studios in downtown San Francisco and Columbia "B" in Hollywood. This was fairly heady stuff for a fifteen year old from San Jose, CA.
A couple of years (and a couple of bands) later, I was playing with Teddy & His Patches, who recorded the legendary "garage psychedelic" tune Suzy Creamcheese. The original 45 has become a rare vintage vinyl collectors item, selling for $250 and up on Ebay and the song has been re-released on dozens of compilations, such as Nuggets, Pebbles and a few more recent CD's. Amazingly, The Patches songs are still getting some airplay after more than 40 years. Not so amazingly, is that I've never seen one dime from that recording! If you're interested in the ongoing history of this band, there are a number of websites and even a MySpace page with info. Check them out. I started off as a music major in college, played in a number of jazz/fusion groups for a few more years, eventually giving up music as a career in 1972. Part of my decision to bail on music was that I had made more money as a drummer at 16 and 17 than I was as a young adult. I also lost a few friends along the way - casualties of an unsustainable lifestyle.
Now semi-retired from the ad biz, I'm having a blast getting back into playing gigs and jams with friends from the local scene. I'm finding there are a lot of great, old weekend warriors out there - and some wonderful, younger players who seem to get a kick out working with us.
Currently, I'm drumming and co-hosting the Sunday afternoon Blue Rock Shoot Jazz Jam along with bassist Bob Boehm. The Blue Rock Shoot is a great little venue for jazz fans of all ages. The music starts at 3:00pm every Sunday. Starting January 2013, I'll be the jam host and house drummer for the Jazz Jam at The Hedley Lounge which takes place on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evening each month. The Hedley Club is an elegant Art Deco lounge that's a perfect site for this jazz event. The house trio starts at 7:30 and the jam session concludes at 10:30.
Hope to see you at one of these terrific jam venues, soon.

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