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Timothy House is a diverse artist. A composer, lyricist, writer, and photographer. Tim writes music in several genre from hard rock, alternative rock, folk rock, dance, blues, spoken word, classical, fusion jazz and contemporary jazz. He plays seven instruments and has done session work as well as composing his own pieces. Tim has a deep love and passion for music of all kinds hence why he writes in so many different genre. No two songs are the same. Currently Tim is working on two records solo and a third with his jazz band "On Dante." A rock album titled "Concrete Roses for Soft Hearts," and a blues record titled "Criminal Masterpiece," The jazz record is titled "Andante." In addition to his own vocals Tim has teamed up with female vocalists Lola de Hanna (Chordslinger and Lola), and Laurie Webb (Lollievox). He has also teamed up with instrumentalists gutarist Laurie Webb (Lollievox), drummer and guitarist Wes McCraw, trombonist Samuel W. Mayes, guitarist Geoff Koval, and violinist, violist Andrea Young. Tim's instruments include: saxophones, clarinet, flute, harmonica, piano, guitar, bass guitar, dizi (chinese flute), and organ.

In addition to a music career Tim also is a writer. He has written several books and is best known for his short stories. As with music, he also writes stories in different genre from romance to sci-fy to poetry. He has published several books including "From My Heart to Yours," "Love Notes," Visitors From Yubarri," and many more.

Tim has performed all over the country both as a jazz musician and performing spoken word. A future tour will be planned as he completes the records.

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