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K3, Jetsonz founder and phenomenal recording engineer and artist, is teaming up with finest talent of musicians, artists and engineers our community has to offer to bring an unparalleled set of the best music production and art to the Midwest region. The collaboration among these audio and visual art industry thought leaders has resulted in groundbreaking records, performances and events for our community.

“It’s important for me to focus a lot of energy on supporting the Canton, Ohio music scene, and this is another way of ensuring that Canton continues to be acknowledged within the industry as a center of excellence in production, recording, and mastering,” said K3, founder, engineer and artist at Jetsonz Music Media. “I’m excited to release this mixtape. I hope it gives hope to other small city artists like myself, to show them that anything is possible and you can achieve anything if you take the time to learn. Right now, I’m the best version of me.”

When asked to describe artists he would be considered comparable to, K3 laughs and simply says “Nobody!” K3 cannot be duplicated because his realm of talent has never been limited by boundaries. His sound; both in music production and lyrical delivery, provides a combination of relevant story telling inspired by true classic hip hop and futuristic beats inspired by raw talent. The Jetsonz sound and K3 flow give a refreshing presence for the Midwest that will forever resonate through the world of hip hop. K3’s “I’m Home” mixtape is exactly what hip hop needs right now and demonstrates true versatility in lyrical and production capability. Listen to the mixtape for yourself (K3music.bandcamp.com) and discover why K3 is home and finally made it to the position he deserves in this industry.

About K3 (Benjamin Tillman)

K3 has over 8years of experience in audio engineering and has mastered hundreds of records. He has specialized knowledge in Pro Tools and all aspects of music and art production. K3’s expertise stems from his passion for music and his ability to freely create. He effortlessly uses lyrics in versatile ways and delivers clever punch lines, articulate metaphors and impeccable flows. From his spontaneous songwriting to the precise production and mastered engineering of the tracks, K3 is an all-encompassing professional with all the qualifications and talent to provide complete hip hop entertainment from start to finish. He wants to be the next game changing excitement that hip-hop and all forms of music and art need. He founded Jetsonz Music Media in 2012 and has released a free mixtape titled “I’m Home” online at K3music.bandcamp.com.
More information available at http://www.JetsonzMusic.com, http://www.youtube.com/JetsonzMusicMedia and http://www.facebook.com/JetsonzMusicMedia.

About Jetsonz Music Media

Founded in 2012, Jetsonz Music Media is a local music and art media production company. Jetsonz offers a range of services including recording sessions, album and track production, mixed and mastered beats, video editing, logo design, graphic design and other art media. Jetsonz Music Media provides a fusion for the love of all things hip hop and graphic art. Founder, flagship artist and master engineer, K3 (Benjamin Tillman) has a desire to share his musical gift with the world and help others fulfill that same dream while harnessing their greatest talents. He envisions Jetsonz Music Media an entertaining and inspiring outlet for the community and hopes to create a new level of art, music and success for Canton and surrounding areas. More information available at http://www.JetsonzMusic.com, http://www.youtube.com/JetsonzMusicMedia and https://www.facebook.com/JetsonzMusicMedia.

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