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Take 2 parts Carolina moonshine, 1 part San Francisco liquid acid, 3 parts 4-track rap, and a pinch of 60s punk and you have the Fist Fam's new record 'Posted', a far cry from what any other hip-hop act is doing this day and age. In a world of over produced squeaky clean, polished horseshit, Insulting Roger Troutman rip-offs, and ironic hipster rap, the Fist Fam brings something different to the table. Low budget, grimy, soulful chaos.
Not fit to conform to the standards of the day. The Fam has taken a new approach to an age old craft. Garage-esque southern twang feeding off the remains of the golden era of rap. From the unheard cries for redemption over the driving earthy groves of "Screamin' out the Grave" to the off--kilter rhythms, and muddy bass swathes juxtaposed with unapologetic, drunken party rap on "Posted", the title track. J-Eazy puts it best, this is "stoop dweller illegal underground rap".
Produced by Al Lover (Woodsist Remixed, Safe as Milk Replica) using dirty drums and dusty samples layered with live Horns and fat Moog Synths through out, the record yields an undeniably original sound. Lyrics in the vein of early UGK, and D.I.T.C. Beats that sound like Keith Richards grew up on Gangstarr instead of Jimmy Reed and chose an MPC over a Gibson. "Posted" is something new, something old, something different, and something undoubtedly needed in this day and age…. psychedelic country rap tunes.

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Philo, Jay Eazy, Ronny Mac, Gus Cutty, & Al Lover
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Fist Fam
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Hip Hop / Psychadelic Country Rap Tunes / Southern Rap

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San Francisco, CA