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hey there...

Thanks for being a fan...

X's for Eyes appreciates you...

NOW, having said that: I APPRECIATE YOU.
I am David Buckle; played little horn
in the band with fellow musica interested
college sophmores that hailed from Huntsville,
Texus' better photo/RTF university:
Sam Houston State University.

Bass: Ried Jacobson, horn: David Buckle,
Lead: Lee Davila, drums: Jonathan Chamrad,
Percussion: Steve Holt, Gitar: John Stansel 1991-1992

Why ask why?

It is always a good thing:
to be inquiring true causes;
for all activity is rooted in
meaning I believe. Just be very
careful to NOT be so anal about it.

Shit happens. Deal. The true reason
may take a while to figure out; but have
faith that it's out there,wherever YOUR "there" is.

Accept, and go forward. One might drive oneself
nutty over the question. Thank you very much.


http://onlizine.net http://jevaart.com
__ http://www.onlizinenet.slide.com __


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Lee Davila, Reid Jacobson, Jonathan Chamrad, John Stansel, Steve Holt, David Buckle, Bill Grady
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rIOrARErECORDS decided year ago to evolve Chatrlotte's art/music scene
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Reggae / Ska / X's for Eyes!

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Charlotte, NC
no need really, but dave is i guess