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In this time, where Hip-Hop as the culture which gives a voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless is being assimilated into the corporate mainstream, there is an artist who is at his core is willing to bare his soul to the listener.

Rasheed Chappell is truly an exception to the current rule of click's and cliche's. Rasheed is an artist whose music is a sonic backdrop to life as he sees it, lives it and dreams it. Rasheed's gift is only second to his tireless work ethic and his constant pursuit of elevation, to push himself and the genre to new heights and dimensions.

Rasheed's words are able to capture and convey cinematic emotion, it's as if you are watching a movie more than listening to music. His ability to weave street tales of tragedy & triumph into soulful melodies leaves the listener in awe & yearning for more. A poet, prophetic product of his environment, student of the culture, Rasheed Chappell lends his voice to touch topics that embody all that has made him.

With a production team headed by legendary super producer Carl "Kenny Dope" Gonzalez and soundscapes provided by veteran beatsmiths the likes of DJ Clark Kent, Jazzy Jeff & Terry Hunter infused with the passion and production of producers Maleet, Super X and others, Rasheed is able to paint portraits that encompass all the lush, hideous & vibrant realities of life into a poetic photo for all to view.

He is the child of an era when Hip-Hop Legends such as Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick were considered prophets among men by their command of the english language on the microphone.

Now that child has grown into a man with his own story to tell.....Rasheed Chappell.

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