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Small Targets" began as an anger-control management program for recovering pharmaceutical company executives. Three lawsuits and two trips to rehab later, they more closely resemble a contemporary Rock and Roll outfit. Matt Fauteux and Frank Facciolo met on a United Arab Emirates-bound flight in 2007. While their original goal of swindling 7 figures out of the heavily-monied Burj Dubai project was foiled, their 12 string mayhem and synthtastic stylings have been resounding successes. Enter Andy Buto; the often reluctant (yet capable) mouthpiece of the organization. His pipes came within an inch of being irreversibly altered during a recent ill-advised, yet impressive, dalliance with a female member of the Mennonite sect. The Reading Terminal Market has never been the same; and from what we hear, its ductwork will be mostly repaired by early 2012. Jeff Pettit was the final Target to undergo the significantly bizarre hazing process necessary for musical membership. His penchant for playing bass and drums simultaneously is in direct violation of statutes in 14 states. He lays low at some of the seedier watering holes of Center City Philadelphia while (thus far) evading capture by his nemesis Dog the Bounty Hunter. Though some have called the music of Small Targets : "An American treasure equaled only by 'All in the Family' and/or 'ALF' ... " and "Sonic Mastery deserving of the NEA genius grant and Prix de Rome" and " A frenetic musical revolution that engages all 6 of the senses..." .... they simply hope you find it to be sufficient impetus to buy them a beer and let them sleep on your couch.

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