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SwAGG!T, an up coming duo from Frederick, MD that consist of two brothers who work together to achieve all of their hopes and dreams. Although, Rap and Hip-Hop the duo's primary genre, they plan to explore the wide range of genres that are out there. Both Brandon and Khary Ricks were born in Berlin, Germany but were raised in Chattanooga, TN. "You guys have a style that you can call your own and this vibe that is like no other." -Marvin

The duo is now working hard on their first album "Freshman Year" that will be released sometime this summer. The brothers are also planning their second mixtape "Journey to the Clouds" which would be an EP.

The brothers didn't start making music together until 2007, where they started their first rap group "YHB" with some neighborhood friends. "SwAGG!T" was formed soon after. Their first mixtape "The Wake Up" was a personal success, plus the mixtape helped build a small fan base within Frederick, MD and other cities across the country.

On November 15, 2010, SwAGG!T closed a deal with Attack Media Group, an indie label based in Toronto, Canada. As SwAGG!T continue, all of their hard work and determination will soon pay off at the end. They plan to influence other young artist like them selves to always dream big and to never give up.
"You guys make music that makes people fell good, when I hear you music it really take me away." -Tyrie

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B.Ricks- Beezzy, Khary- Lil Ricks
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Swaggit team
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Frederick, MD