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Apollo Richardson, better known as Apollo Valdez, is one of the most promising MCs that the southeast region has to offer. He hails from Summerville South Carolina, a place that is yearning for one of their own to break the ice and show the talent that has been overlooked for quite some time. Apollo is no rookie to rhyming. Since the age of 8 years old, he has been writing and recording music. By the age of 15, he and two of his partners in rhyme were signed to NeverSoDeep Records as the group 7SIGNS. During the recording of the compilation album “Suicide Kings” he was quickly dubbed as one of the best rappers on the whole cd. With that cd, he quickly made a name for himself in the Charleston area of South Carolina. He has a style that can’t be put into one catergory. Apollo’s music can range from mellow to high-energy, witty to serious, smooth to rugid, romantic to x-rated, dark to uplifting, but always approachable. Many of his friends and family has dubbed him with the name “Captain Hook” due to his talent for catchy hooks for any type of song. Apollo has a way of making you listen without boundaries, meaning that he breaks down that illusive wall of what you might think a South Carolina MC should sound like. Apollo Valdez is definitely one to watch.

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Apollo Richardson
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Apollo Valdez
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Hip Hop / Soulful / Innovative

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Summerville, SC