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Thee Xo / Bio

Galaxy: Milky Way; SOL System
Population: 7,663,697,151
Dimension of Origin: the Orion spiral arm- galactic longitude: 179° 56′ 39.4″, galactic latitude: +0° 2′ 46.2″ and distance: 7,940 ± 420 parsecs from star Sagittarius A
Habitat: Planet Earth
Gravity: 9.80665 m/s2, or about 35.30394 (km/h)/s (~32.174 ft/s2 or ~21.937 mph/s).
Atmosphere:78.08% nitrogen (N2)[3], 20.95% oxygen (O2), 0.93% argon, 0.038% carbon dioxide, About 1% water vapor (varies with climate)
Body Type: Human
Avg. Height: 6' 0"
Eyes: 2/Brown
Hair: Normal/Black
Skin: Normal/Light
Limbs: 2 arms; 2 legs
Fingers: 4 on each hand with opposable thumb
Toes: 5 on each foot

Henry "Hennese" Hill Jr. a.k.a Thee Xo was born October 3, 1978 in Merrillville, Indiana; United States of America. Raised in Gary, Indiana; he attended Lew Wallace High School and graduated in 1997. Always with a passion for music, since age 11, he also attended the Gary Area Career Center graduating in 1997 for Radio and Television Broadcasting.

"Its been a long time coming... and now it has finally arrived." When I was young I was always fascinated with the stars and the universe. I often wondered what was out there and the bigger question: are we alone? I never had a shallow mind and my creativity was always at its peak. I started rapping when I was 11, well, lets say I had a passion for the music at that age and flow wasn't all that great but then again back in Gary, Indiana, at that time, whose was? As I got older the flow got colder; I needed a name... I needed something that would stand out; something that would seperate me from all the rest. In the past, back in the late 80's, I had names like Scoop & Mc Sunny, Inteka, just to name a few, but those eventually didnt stick; I guess they weren't "Hard" enough. I sat down oneday drinking on a 6-pack of mickey's with an ex-friend of mine and suddenly, BOOM, it hit me. I said, "Man, I think I finally got a name to call myself." "Whats that?" He replied. I looked over, sipped my beer, then uttered the words that I knew would stick with me for the rest of my life: "Thee' Xo."For years, throughout the early and late 90's, Thee Xo was my name. It was the character I soul searched for. It was Venom and I was Peter Parker and I fed it and it fed me. "Thee" was Shakespearean for "The" while "X" represented an "Unknown" and "O" represented "Expression". In time, the name meant "The Unknown Expression" but fate had a more interesting twist lined up.I was always intrigued with the Unknown and outerspace and oneday it occured to me that maybe I could channel myself into an other worldly being. Afterall, I did feel like an outcast at times; I never really ran with the "local crew" or "D-Boys" in the hood though I knew mostly all of them so I did feel Alienated then BOOM! That feeling I got when I first uttered those words came back... only this time Thee Xo would mean: The Extra-Terrestrial thus Thee Xo "The Alien" was born and in time I developed a new philosopy to support my characters upgrade.So long I have been alien oriented... so deep my passion grows for the TRUTH... so far I am willing to travel to seek answers from Above & Beyond... yet, where is "Me"? Where is the Real ME? All my life I searched for a "character" an actor in lifes big movie and I was the star; all this time I played the part of a young man searching for The Truth when really The Truth was in the mirror. The Truth is: YOU can't handle The Truth!; so men lie on Earth to cover it, why?, cause they don't know the Truth; only THEIR Truth which they spread to you like a person who doesn't cover their mouth when they cough... A Virus is thus spread. A LIE. I hear all these rappers talking bout they an alien, and they from mars, ect. yet with all that money they have, they never try to Expose to you the real Truth let alone really talk about it in a major philoshophical way so ask yourself: "Is that real?" Are they real? The answer is no- they faker than Hollywood boobs!"What is real? Define Real. Not trying to go all Matrix on you but it makes perfect sense. I'll tell you whats Real. Whats real is: You are a "HUMAN" being living on a planet called Earth that is 'perhaps' in its final days due to lies, beliefs, and deception of other men that you believed because you thought what they were telling you was the Truth! Santa Clause- They lied to you, Easter Bunny- They lied to you, Tooth Fairy- They lied to you and the list goes on and on. I have decided to be real and learn the Truth and tell the Truth to Myself. I no longer want to lie to me and be something I'm not for that is why we are in the position we in now. I woke up and found out a terrible Truth: I AM Human. When will You and others like me WAKE UP?

Henry Hill represents The Midwest to the fullest and knows it won't be long before the heartland of America is recognized once again for its Creative Characters, rapidfire lyrics, and unique sound.

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Henry Hill- Emcee
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Thee Xo
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Rap / Sci-Fi / Experimental

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Minneapolis, MN

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