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Since his self-released album This is What I Do, this singer/songwriter has been making a name of himself as a true country music artist. In July of 2012 Randy was the grand prize winner of the “Sing your Heart out for a Soldier” singing contest put on my Josh Turner and Dollar General, which entailed a $10,000 grand prize presented at the historic Grand Ole Opry. In the previous month of June, Randy also was featured on CMT as a contestant on the hit show, The Singing Bee. Since taking the journey of being a country music artist he has been reaching new audiences with his music and vocal talent. Writing songs about all things that everyone goes through in life, it’s easy to see how Randy Alan is connecting with audiences everywhere. “Love songs, songs about just having a good time, maybe drinking beer, hanging out with friends — who doesn’t love that?” Randy says.

“I’ve always loved music, because for me it was one of those things that did change my life,” he says in response to how he decided to pursue music. “It’s funny, I didn’t get into country music right away, but I was always exposed to it. Before, I was listening to oldies stuff, and then had a metal/rock period for a year. Finally I arrived to country music and haven’t left since.” Randy recalled that he has been listening to country music since 2003 when he was 13. “When I first started listening, it was a lot of contemporary guys like Chesney, Dierks, McGraw, but then I saw who their inspirations were, and from there I discovered bluegrass and the traditional guys like Whitley, Jones, Hank, Dwight, Strait, Haggard, and I just fell in love with it. There still is nothing that sounds as good as a steel guitar in my opinion.” With Randy’s recent trips to Nashville he’s had the honor of meeting Opry member legends Jeannie Seely and Jan Howard. In a recent article Opry member Jeannie Seely had a few words to say about Randy, “His presence as a person renews all your faith in young people,” Seely said. “He embraces the history of country music, and he can add to its future.”

With his influences in mind, experience in the studio, guitar in hand, Randy has set out to define and develop what his sound is. “Everyone has their own unique sound to them, and I know that I have that. Producers have told me I have it. All there is left is just some final touches to really focus in on my core sound. As a singer and musician I know what I want to sound like. It’s being in that mindset everyday which is what I’m working on.” While consistently working on his sound every day, Randy has some time to look back on past recordings and vocal samples. “I look back at my first album that I made and I can’t believe I sounded like that. I’ve changed so much vocally and mentally, that I just can’t listen to that CD”, he jokes. “There has been much development with my voice and I’m happy of the direction it’s heading in. You gotta stand out from the pack, and that’s what I am doing. I’m discovering my true voice.”

From his early years, the singer had always enjoyed singing. He was involved with singing at church, school chorus, and just singing for his friends. “I can remember always wanting to be a singer. I’d be watching old musicals of Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, and just go wow, singing and performing is what I want to do. Chorus in high school was one of my first steps to learning about singing. One of the best decisions I ever made was to stick with chorus in 7th grade.” Also during high school Randy picked up the guitar and taught himself how to play using chord charts on an old sheet of paper that his mother had used for playing. “The only instruments I ever took real lessons for were fiddle/violin when I was really young and piano later. Playing the guitar was an easy way for me to play my favorite songs and discover how to make music myself.”

From there Randy took guitar playing and started to write songs. He had been listening to songs on the radio trying to pick up tips on how to construct songs. “Songwriting was something I kind of jumped into without knowing what to expect. The first song I ever wrote was “Nashville” and that idea came to me at 3 a.m. one morning freshmen year in college. I woke up and just wrote out the whole song.” From there Randy then began writing constantly. If he had an idea he’d write it down on a napkin or a ripped piece of paper, anything to preserve the idea. After a while, the songwriter then figured out his formula for writing. “I just started writing about my life and experiences that I had gone through in the past. It’s hard to put yourself in the mindset of something you haven’t gone through yet, but that’s where to greatness of co-writing comes into play.”

Since early 2012, Randy has been making numerous trips down to Nashville, TN, jumping in on co-writing sessions and developing his voice more. He has had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the people that make today’s country music stars. “Meeting Brett James, David Frasier, Bill Luther, Justin Weaver, and others was just awesome because I look up to them all. These guys are the best of the best, and to get encouragement from them really boosts your confidence in what you can do. They taught me it’s a tough town and a tough business, but I’ve got the drive to make it happen.” With that support, Randy will be continuing to make trips throughout the next year, eventually moving to the Nashville area in 2013. As for Randy he feels excited about this whole journey.

“This is what it’s all about, the journey. You gotta start from the bottom to get to the top. I’ve got my family and friends watching my back and I’ve got Jesus watching me from above. Everyday I’m learning something new and trying to improve anyway I can. I’ve got something different, and I can’t wait to really take this to the next level.”

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