OLIVER MITCHELL (guitar/singer/writer) bought his first electric guitar at 15 in 1967 while at school in England and was inspired by the great Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Clapton, Led Zep, Doors, Zappa and especially Hendrix, and began tune-smithing on acoustic guitar as well. Then attending Sussex University , he was immersed in jazzier world music, and jamming, till dropping out, he travelled to Istanbul where he studied Turkish art and music, and began to play the "Baglama Saz",(a seven stringed Turkish lute.)
Oliver's musical influences are varied & multicultural, as he grew up in many countries. He lived in Tokyo, (where he recorded at Sony Studios), London, Vienna, Edinburgh, Dacca and Vancouver, has toured Europe often, and immigrated to Canada in 1986. In the 1990's he moved to Vancouver Island & formed a band called " ZINC GIZMO ", who released 3 CD's.Then in 2009 the name of the band was changed to "The GRUNTLES" with Oliver's son ARIF MITCHELL playing guitar too. Also Oliver's daughter LEYLA MONAST occasionally accompanied on accordion or bass as a family band.
In 2011 OLIVER and YVONNE founded the band "OYA ", and wrote several songs together. They have a CD in production.
YVONNE OWENS sings in Medieval, Andalusian, World-Music & Folk genres, and has made a study of Western musical roots. She has sung with Punk, Classical and Celtic ensembles internationally. Some band names that she has performed with locally are “Red Tarn”, “Estrella”, and “Leanan Sidhe”.

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