Waymon " Bullet " Griffin III / Bio

Multi-Instrumentalist Artist looking for recording contract / performance with major record company.

Bass Player
Performer, Singer
Owns Pre-production studio
Multi-Instrumentalist (main instrument is the Bass)
Produce R&B, Hip-Hop tracks, all tracks, all kinds of music
Many Endorsements (strings, software, microphones, etc.) with major companies.

Organization Affiliations
Writer & Publisher with Bmi
Harry Fox Agency
Taila Music – Pub (Waymon’s publishing company)


Bob Marley & Whalers The Tramps
Jennifer Holiday Sugar Hill Gang
Gospel Keynotes Celly Cell
Morris Day & The Time Loverboy
Roger Troutman Men at Large
KC & Sunshine Band The Tams
Phil Perry


Produced & Production:
· Latest personal project, album entitled Bullet II with 10 songs, soon to be released.
· Worked & wrote 4 songs for Johnny Brown – Title song ‘Chicago’, organist for Al Green in 2010.
· Played bass at the 2010 Pre-Grammy Awards Party at the Paramount Movie lot, with George Clinton, Amp Fiddler, Val Young, Frank Cash Waddie, Greg Thomas, Steve Boyd, Tracy Lewis Clinton, Kim Manning, Foley and Don Wyatt.
· Pre-production, keyboards & mixing, sang lead on Dazz Band’s Greatest Hits album on Amazon.com, featured lead on No Parking on the Dance Floor. Sang lead and background vocals on Joystick, Let It Whip and Disco Dazz. Released 2010 on Cleopatra Records.
· Bass Player and 1st Tenor with Skip Martin.
· Bass Player and 1st Tenor with the Dazz Band.
· 6 Songs on Michael Hampton’s album.
· Head Producer & Engineer for Dove Recording.
· 3 albums for Dove Recording.
· Joe Cross – Lead vocals for Drifter’s album.
· Barrington Henderson – Lead vocals for Temptation’s album.

· Jerome Jackson – Lead vocals for Drifter’s album.
· Producer for BR Records – Funkatory Music Pub from 1997-present.
· 1st album entitled Bullet on BR Records/NuBop4x2.net.

Worked with:
· Opened up for Phil Perry 2009.
· Band – Temptation Revue Band Director – Barrington Henderson.
· Lead singer for The Paltters. Bass player – Seattle, Washington with Buck Ram Platters.
· Joel ‘Razor Sharp’ Johnson, P-Funk All Stars & Bootsy’s Rubber Band.
· On songs entitled Bop Town and Secret Enemies.
· Michael Hampton – production on Bop Town and Secret Enemies.
· Sergeant Jack & The Nightwatch
- World Series of Golf 1996
- Kickoff for the Canton Hall of Fame Rib Burn Off
· Disco Inferno
- Booking Agent – Greg St. Charles of Long Distance Entertainment
- Kentucky Derby 1997 live on ESPN
- MTV Club Lavella – June 1997
· Disco Fever – toured from Canada to Florida and everywhere in between.
· Wrote 7 songs for Neil Zaza.
· Krush – Waymon sang Background and lead vocals on album KRUSH.
- Kid Quick K. Kwick ‘WWF’ wrestling

· Highly Gifted – Played the Apollo – Waymon did mixing & editing.
· 2001 George Clinton – Waymon sang live with George in Indiannapolis.
· ‘704’ – Remixes & Editing.
· Don Jack Juawaun – Bass guitar, lead and rhythm guitar, editing, mixing.
· Kev L – Album entitled ‘Please Don’t Say No’ – played bass.
· Gospel Singalers – On Public T.V.
- Performed shows for the Governor of W. Virginia
· Ira Gilroy – Former Band Director for Gap Band.
· Debanise Bird – ‘Eyes Don’t Lie.’
· Michael Jackson – Former Band Director for Jodeci and Mary J. Blige
· Don Williams – Former Band Director for Temptations and The Commodores.
· Michael Williams – Signed to Motown
- Former member of Parliament Funkadelic
- Soundtrack and appearance in ‘Another 48 Hours’
· Neil ZaZa – Signed to Virgin Records.
· 1-900 – Signed to Solar Records.

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Waymon " Bullet " Griffin III
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Waymon " Bullet " Griffin III
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Jazz / R&B , Jazz , Gospel / Pop

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Akron, OH

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