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“Babylon Boulevard”

1. Hang Me Up

2. Kick It In

3. Alter Of Altercation

4. Self Portrait

5. Babylon Boulevard

6.Mistress Addiction

7. Rejection

8. Still Alive

9. Trigger

10. Where R U Now

To define The Prophets Of Addiction, let's get something straight right away, this is not a project this is a "BAND!" A band comprised of four individuals. With four different backgrounds, different tastes and a uniqueness all his own. And most importantly a band of 4 friends with one common goal: "to just fuckin' rock, and leave a lasting impression worldwide". "We want to be your new favorite band and that's not easy." Says singer Lesli Sanders. That being said there is a reason why several industry insiders are saying," the Prophets Of Addiction is a band to look out for in 2011 and beyond. The debut recording a collaboration of stories entitled "Babylon Boulevard." a defining work containing songs about life, death and everything in between. The "realness" of the band shows through on tracks 1-10. here's what the press is saying:

“This is possibly the best album of its genre for many a moon - if only Guns N' Roses still made records like this the world would be a better place.”

Every once in a great – and blessed – while, a band comes along that encapsulates everything that’s great about rock-n-roll. The Prophets of Addiction is that band. These guys are so authentic and such masters at what they do that it’s like some mad scientist extracted the pure essence from their genre – Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, The Ramones, Hanoi Rocks, LA Guns, Lords of the New Church and all the best glam/punk bands – and gave rise to The Prophets of Addiction. With songs that will play in your head long after the CD stops and looks that kill, The Prophets of Addiction are the total package. It’s been way too long for a band like POA to come to us lovers of metal, mascara and musical mayhem. Their debut album “Babylon Boulevard” brings back those freewheeling, whisky soaked, halcyon days (nights, really) when the Sunset Strip hosted countless punk/metal mash-up bands looking to hit the big time – and, of course, all the girls, girls, girls they could get. Unabashedly going against the grain of all the things your parents warned you about, the musicians were like pied pipers leading us into a blissfully sordid candy land where debauchery ruled, the hair was big and the music was fast and loud. Matt Nagle, Tacoma Weekly

“Babylon Boulevard is one of the best debut for a long time in this genre”9 out of 10. Metal Hammer Magazine

They've made a big, old fashioned-sounding, sleaze-metal, silvery-pizza, that summons back the snarling ghosts of both, "Liven Like A @&* Suicide" and "Too Fast For Love.” www.uberrock.co.uk

Babylon Boulevard is for the want of another description, one of the lowest dirtiest places on the planet. It’s full of grimy guitar, whiskey soaked vocals, and filthy beats. This is rock music straight from the gutter, but boy is it good. I like the dirty sound and it’s made for those dark, dingy clubs where once upon a time you couldn’t see the stage further back than the first few rows due to the cigarette smoke. http://www.cackblabbath.com/2012/10/26/the-prophets-of-addiction-babylon-boulevard/

Definitely worth seeking out, if you remember what individuality, liberty, rebellion, and FUN felt like. Epic. Gnarly.
Sugar Buzz Magazine

“To be honest, I was looking forward to reviewing this band but dreading it at thesame time. I have heard so many great things about them and didn't want to be disappointed, well I can definitely say I wasn't. From the opening song 'Hang Me Up' I was hooked.”
Underkill TV Review

“Don't let their glitter image fool you, for this bunch join the dots between ALICE COOPER and THE RAMONES.“
DMME.net – Classic Rock and Beyond

It's brash, noisy, snotty and a lot of fun. Obvious comparisons would be the
likes of Guns N' Roses - there is an unavoidable comparison, especially on opener 'Hang Me Up Sanders has similar tones to that of Mr W Axl Rose - Well delivered, well played and a cut above some of the usual trash.


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Lesli Sanders - Vocals, G.G. - Guitar, Lesli Sanders - Bass
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The Prophets of Addiction
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Rock / Glam / Punk

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Tacoma, WA
Lesli Sanders

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