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It’s a new season for Nathaniel L. Cole! Yes, it certainly is. That season is making a sound in the genre of instrumental Jazz. When asked what inspired him to do a instrumental Jazz CD, he simply states that instrumental music is his first love and that he started out making music with no words long before he ever thought to write a song with words. Nathaniel has been working on this new and exciting instrumental project for several months, and now it is time for the long awaited debut of his CD project entitled-- “LISTEN”, which was a name chosen after he requested name suggestions on his Facebook page. There were many great choices, but “Listen” just had a “ring” it. It invokes the person to listen to the beautiful flow that is coming from a well of gifting. For a long time now, many people have asked him if he had an instrumental CD; finally the wait is over. Nathaniel is faithful to his calling, and is constantly creating new music and writing new songs. In fact, his production and creating goes way back to the late 90s. Definitely possessing the gift of creativity, Nathaniel has been playing the keys since the tender age of 5, and began to bloom and blossom at True vine Pentecostal Church in Aliceville, AL. He comes from a beautifully gifted family that has been blessed with pastors, teachers, evangelists, singers, musicians, etc. God is not only using Nathaniel as a minstrel in the Body of Christ, but He has also endowed him with an anointing to minister the Word of God in power and demonstration. Yes, it is no doubt that the oil of God has been poured upon this young man. God has blessed him to composed approximately 100 or more musical compositions and songs, and the collection keeps growing. When asked what goes on in his mind as a song or music piece is about to unfold or is unfolding, Nathaniel said, “sometimes I hear the whole song with all of the instruments, but mostly on this particular project – I started with a groove or a click track. Then I add and play other instruments as I feel is needed.” You will find in this project various instrumental selections such as “I thank God that I Met You” and “Peace”, both of which holds a special meaning in Nathaniel’s heart. He believes the listener will experience is peace, love, encouragement, etc. So it is our prayer, that you will be blessed as you listen to “Listen”.

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Nathaniel L Cole
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Nathaniel L Cole
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