DSD was formed in April 2009 as an one man project. Their first work called "Spread the VIRUS...Western DECAY" was an independent release, and influenced by the dark electro/industrial scene from the early 80's with today's modern twist of industrial sounds. In September 2011, the second album, "There Is No Light Over Devil's Land" was released. A new member, Aubrey, joined during this time making the band a duo. In 20/01/2013 the third album "A Reflection Of Fear" saw the light of day. Front cover artwork was a painting by Aleta Welling. In October 2014 Betty Koster (Phantasm Nocturnes) joined in and she will become the third member of DSD.
DSD is an experimental project which combines influences from all music genres. It is not an easy listening $commercial$ act. You will hear sounds from our twisted aspect of view. This is how we see & realise things about music creation. There are no boundaries...there are no limits... WELCOME TO DECAY...SPREAD THE VIRUS

2009-Spread The VIRUS...Western DECAY (Album)
2010-Pleasure:Is:Sin (EP)
2010-Horror Baby, Feel The Horror! (digital single only)
2011-Euphoria (digital single only)
2011-The Android Invasion (EP)
2011-Hell (EP)
2011-There Is No Light Over Devil's Land (Album)
2012-Virus (EP)
2012-We Are The Cure (single)
2012-State Of Fear (single)
2013-A Reflection Of Fear (Album)
2013-The Vs Series vol.4 (split EP with Resist Concept)
2013-Toxic Steel Chamber EP
2014-To Ride The Eternal Winds Of Paradise (EP)
2014-Flesh Controlling Body (Single)
2014-The Vs Series vol.9 (split EP with Beinaheliedenschaftsgegenstand)
2014-Romance Breeds Jazz EP

2011-Everything Has Collapsed... featured in Industrial Wasteland: Volume 1
2011-America Got Scared (unreleased song) featured in Industrial Wasteland: Volume 2
2012-Erase This World (unreleased song) featured in Industrial Wasteland: Volume 3
2012-State Of Fear featured in Virtual Bodiez Vol.1
2013-Lust featured in EBM Addiction 10,000 Vol.1
2013-Behind The Mask Of The Killer Clown (unreleased song) featured in Radio Body Music - BODY TO BODY
2013-All Τhe Colors Οf Τhe Dark (unreleased song) featured in Miami Cannibal Massacre
2013-Capital Of Sorrow (unreleased song) featured in EBM Addiction Vol.3
2013-Your Secret Sin (unreleased song) featured in Radio Body Music - FREE TIBET FREE
2013-As Dawn Paints A Flame (unreleased song) featured in Underground Industrial Movement Compilation
2014-Laser Gun Playboys (exclusive unreleased song) featured in That's Not Music (Vol 1)
2014-Suffering Of The Soul (exclusive unreleased song) featured in Beat:Cancer V2
2014-Tongue In Mouth (exclusive unreleased song) featured in Dark Synth Sounds Volume 1
2014-Korpse Koroner (Witness The Macabre) & Necrophiliac (exclusive unreleased songs) featured in Horror Fragments : The Scream And The Nightmare

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ANTON : music/lyrics/vocals AUBREY : lyrics/vocals
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Electronica / Industrial/Electro/EBM / Experimental

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Rhodes, GR
Werkstatt Recordings

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