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Atius hails from Ishøj, a suburb to Copenhagen. The 4 members in Atius all comes with different backgrounds and influences, but comes together as Atius and creates the melodic mix that defines the Atius sound.

The characteristic sound of Atius is one defined by riffs inspired by traditional black metal shredding, heavy melodic pieces inspired by death metal and more traditional heavy metal styles. The drums are dropping loads of different blasts-beats, skank-beats and traditional heavy beats. These support the melancholic, heavy metal bass and guitar riffs. The vocal is raw, distorted and rips throgh and completes the uniqueness of the Atius sound.

Currently Atius is working with new material and concurrently working with a new recording to show off the true Atius sound.

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Jacob Bitton - Drums. Morten Jensen - Vocal/Bass. Carlos Zyn - Guitar. Palle Jacobsen - Guitar.
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Ishøj, DK