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The Dirty Guv’nahs have been spreading their rock gospel across the Southeast for three years now, showcasing their sound which has been best described as "a passionate, jubilant slice of rock-meets-Americana." In their hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee, they’ve graduated from playing packed out bars where latecomers are turned away from the door, to playing theaters where capacity crowds consistently cram in and press against the stage to hear another three hour helping of what Metro Pulse dubbed, "rock the way God intended."

Nobody enjoys himself more on stage than front man James Trimble, who draws comparisons to Jagger, Morrison, and Cocker, but the show doesn’t revolve around him. Guv'nahs' shows are a family affair, with six members and an ensemble of guests pitching in to weave an aural tapestry of all things Southern music—rock, blues, country, and soul.

The Guv'nahs are interested in creating big songs and big performances. Their voices and their passion on stage are looking to strike a deeper chord, and their rhythms and their words are filled with hope. While they refuse to ignore pain and brokenness inherent to life, their songs gather up all the good that they witness in streets, festivals, bars, churches, parks, and theaters and proclaim what is true—we have plenty to celebrate. We have one another.

Voted Knoxville, Tennessee’s Best Band two years in a row by the Metro Pulse Readers Poll, The Dirty Guv'nahs are paving the way for a new chapter of American Rock and Roll. 2009 marks the release of their first full-length album, which was recorded in January over a period of five days at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, Georgia, with producer David Barbe (REM, Drive by Truckers). Trimble and Michael Jenkins (guitarist) have continued to mature as songwriters, but die hard fans will recognize those signature sing-along choruses. Their message to lovers of rock and roll remains the same: This is not about us, and we all need family to get by.

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James Trimble, Justin Hoskins, Aaron Hoskins, Chris Doody, Cozmo Holloway, Michael Jenkins
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The Dirty Guv'nahs
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Rock / Roots Rock / American Rock & Roll

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Knoxville, TN