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Officially titled as The 2Pac of the 21Century. I say he's 2Pac with that Gangster Faith!! King1Revsconie's musical genre is PREDOMINANTLY West Coast Hip Hop & has been described as FORMIDABLE to all styles of Gangsta Rap and Hardcord Hip Hop. He also has incorporated reggae & Southern Crunk. Ok, grab ur earphones or earplugs what ever you prefer to call'em & enjoy Kingdom Gangsta Faith Rap Music. King1Rev is Anointed by Christ to change the course of the WHOLE ENTIRE MUSIC INDUSTRY. Anything less is below what The God Of Israel has for King1Revsconie. King1Rev, message in every songs imparts SPIRIT EMPOWERMENT to ALL walks of life. Like American Obesity, God'The HolySpirit & King1Rev has become a BIG FAT PROBLEM NOW in this Global Music Industry. ANOINTED & APPOINTED by God'The HolySpirit to spread the GoodNews Gospel Of Jesus Christ thur rap music with EXECUTION STYLE FAITH and there remain no other like, King1Rev. Yes, King1Rev has been called the, 2Pac of GoodNews Gospel Rap and the only difference between 2Pac and King1Rev is, King1Rev is one of the MOST Powerful ANOINTED & APPOINTED GoodNews Gospel Rap Psalmist of the 21st Century. 2Pac is one of the Greatest Rap Artist of all time. King1Rev is a GoodNews Gospel PSALMIST that refuse to lay down his CROSS and reject the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS. Raised in the ghetto streets of Cincinnati, Detroit, Cleveland and Cali now saved by GRACE thur FAITH, King1Rev is a MUST HEAR Rap Artist. If you sponsor, King1Revsconie through Reverbnation we know and believe lives will be change both young and old because, King1Rev really believe in the GoodNews Gospel Of Jesus Christ & The POWER Of Calvary Cross. King1Revsconie music reaches into the heart of all walks of life with LOVE and HOPE to bring change. Ok, Yes, King1Rev is an Ex-Gangster now saved by Faith through Grace. His music is Family Friendly for all walks of life, yes for Kids of all ages, Teens and Adults. King1Rev is the REAL walking definition of Anointed Kingdom Deliverance GoodNews Gospel Rap Music as well as the Founder, President and Steward. . When it comes to spreading the Gospel Of Christ Jesus, King1Rev, Cd's it is the world's BEST next only to the Holy Living Bible... Every heart- every human heart that listen to King1Rev songs their HEARTS reverberates when God speaks thur King1Rev the ANOINTED PSALMIST. King1Rev is the Raw, Declaration of the Gospel of Christ proclaiming the flaming message of the CROSS and GRACE through Anointed Kingdom Deliverance GoodNews Gospel Rap Music, bring HIS net to the streets, clubs, bars, drug house, and on the highways and byways looking not for money but looking to borrow the boat of any FESTIVAL, SHOWCASE, TALENT SHOW, CLUB, BAR and yes CHURCHES, FAR OR NEAR together we will cast the NETS and HAUL in SOULS FOR CHRIST JESUS calling multitudes to the saving GRACE of Jesus Christ. To listen to ALL his songs go to http://www.GangstaFaith.com King1Rev, has surrender HIS WHOLE HEART to spreading the Holy GoodNews Gospel of Christ in POWER and with AUTHORITY. God'The HolySpirit writes all of King1Rev, ANOINTED material as well as deliver the GoodNews Gospel message with FIRE. If you listen to King1Revsconie music, HE would be honor if you would like King1Revsconie, FaceBook page and become a REVERB FAN as well, Thanks. King1Revsconie, is INDISPUTABLY "Untouchable" in this Whole Entire Music Industry. He's a force to be reckon with and the one & only MOST powerful GoodNews Gospel Rap Artist in the 21Century. His Anointing dwarf those of almost every other musician, he does not talk about himself to impart information but always for TRANSFORMATION. Yes many they aspire to be like him, but know that they're nowhere near his "Untouchable Faith. An Ex-Gangster now saved by grace through faith. King1Rev, message is ANOINTED, PROFOUND, UPLIFTING AND VERY POWERFUL. Its not difficult, to completely identify with HIS FAITH. King1Revsconie is the Founder, Steward and President of, Anointed Kingdom Deliverance GoodNews Gospel Rap Music as HE vow to God (Yahweh) to spread The Gospel of Christ( 1Thessalonians 1:5) all over the WORLD. His message of GRACE, HOPE & LOVE is spreading wideIy and having a POWERFUL effect on all walks of life. In the middle of September 2015 you will be able to purchase all of King1Revsconie music. King1Revsconie is the 1st Artist on Reverbnation to do what the World said couldn't be done reaching all walks of life with, The GoodNews Gospel of HOPE, GRACE and LOVE. And for those that don't know, God' The HolyGhost, has been writing Anointed Kingdom Deliverance GoodNews Gospel Rap Music through, King1Revsconie for 15years. The definition of Gangsta Faith is; (God's absolute noble GRACE salvation to all - Families anywhere, including the Heathens). If you would like to book, King1Revsconie email him@ oma0040@hotmail.com This is ANOINTED music that will Edify the Spirit, Encourage the hopeless and feed LIFE to the dying soul. King1Rev knows, Christ HOLY name is, that Righteous name that every dying soul NEEDS. King1Rev is inspiring and influencing ALL walks of life to seek SALVATION through Christ Jesus. King1Rev gifts and talents are beyond an innovator, for King1Rev possesses an ANOINTING that's sent by God to change, uplift and enrich generations to come, If you want change, King1Revsconie is ready to reach all walks of LIFE with his message of LOVE, GRACE and HOPE... Thank you for taken time out of ur busy schedule to listen to Anointed Kingdom Deliverance GoodNews Gospel Rap Music. We do APPRECIATE your business and we look forward to you stopping by as much as you please again and again. As you listen do think of others that could benefit from listen to Anointed Kingdom Deliverance GoodNews Gospel Rap Music, PLEASE share his music and contact information along.. Have a bless and wonderful life in our Lord and Savoir Christ Jesus. "Untouchable Faith Kingdom, INT'L.

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