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Barbara has been a musician and peformer for over 40 years. Many successes include awards in music performance, comedy, tap and jazz dance, and group performances.
Since the age of 14 Barbara has been writing songs, many without lyrics which include styles such as ballads, country, blues, jazz, big band, musical and children's songs. She has a rare ability to create songs with ease. A number of songs created for children at primary schools in NZ have been enjoyed by the children she has taught.
Her ability as tap dance tutor was recognised when the then Nicola Donald won the NZ National Tap Awards in 1986. Barbara continues to teach music, dance and preschool mime and movement and often creates songs to suit the situation.

Barbara has recently created a "Fun Key" music course with her original music -both for Guitar and Piano with backing tracks to enhance each pupil's performance. She is currently looking to have these books published professionally and marketed globally. Notably, these pupils are learning the very basics of keeping time and being exposed to various styles of music as well.

Barbara continues to compose more songs to further increase her repertoire - including music for tap dancing and hopes to have her work represented by some orchestras and suitable groups. Her greatest inspiration is from music/songs created for media/cartoons - such as the Nightmare Before Christmas, Sesame Street, Monsters Inc and Toy Story to name a few. So many of these songs are catchy and have very interesting chords and certainly keeps Barbara striving to create equally enjoyable songs.

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Barbara Whitnell (playing Tyros / Technics keyboards)
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Barbara Whitnell
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