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Birthed from the fiery ashes of Southern California’s Santa Ana winds comes the debut album from veteran San Diego rockers, The Widows, who have done time in such bands as Flapping Jet/ Swami recording artists Mannekin Piss, Max Bristol and the Weekend Blacks, and The Fastplants. This could be the most fun band from America’s finest city.
Although paddling up-stream against a sea of murky math rock and Johnny come lately Stones clones in San Diego, The Widows have stuck to their guns, performing for live crowds at a number of venues with such bands as The Sultans, The Marked Men, The Spits, Deniz Tek, Electric Frankenstein, and even with such diverse acts as Mr. Tube and His Flying Objects, The Creepy Creeps, and Dead Moon.
The Widow’s sound can best be described good time American rock n’ roll with a nervous stomach. The Widows have played extensively around Southern California, leading San Diego’s dying rock n’ roll scene into an unfortunate new era of obscurity. It doesn’t seem as if rock n’ roll has the shelf life it once did in these parts. That’s why The Widows have teamed up with Rocket From The Crypt/ Swami Records’ John Reis to record this LP.
Point Despair was recorded in two days at Reis’ compound, fueled by late nights, Cazadores (no worm), Dominican cigars, and a healthy heaping of bad 1960s frat records. The output is this LP, recorded in glorious 16-track sound on 2” analog Tascam tape, left over from past recordings of Reis’ graveyard of hits. Left over magic or future classic? You decide.

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Deadboy Debowitz - Lead Guitar/Vocals, Chris Beick- Bass/Vocals, Max Bristol - Guitar/Vocals, Cody Young- Drums
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The Widows
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Rock / Grunt Rock

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Lemon Grove, CA