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If you’re looking for vintage, manly metal sounds, Albany, New York’s Addicted to Pain is your band. Although they have just unleashed their first-ever release - a self-titled four-song EP - the group, which is comprised of Leo Curley (vocals,guitar), Bob Horvath (bass), and Greg Nash (drums) manages to combine the sounds of ‘80s era first-wave thrash and ‘90s era power metal. Together as one.

According to Horvath, the formation of Addicted to Pain can be linked to an earlier group. “Me and Leo met in a band called Eyesore - with now Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner. Years later - and several bands - me and Leo stayed together. In 2007, we were introduced to a drummer named Gregory Nash and the rest is history.”

An incredibly hard-hitting and heavy release, the trio enlisted the aid of one of thrash metal’s most respected producers to lend a hand. “Most amazing/draining recording experience ever,” recalls Curley. “We worked with Alex Perialas (Anthrax, S.O.D., Testament, Pro-Pain, etc.). He really pulled it out of us. It was like working in a piece of metal history - living in the band house and studio where all that happened was humbling. We had a lot to live up to.” Adds Horvath - “When we first arrived at the studio and met an icon producer, he said, “OK guys, set up and were gonna have our 4 songs tonight. We had 12 ready and it was the first time I was shaking to play in front of somebody! Not to mention he sat down right in the middle of us - nerve racking.” And according to Nash, the recording sessions created some bodily wear and tear. “Noticing a pain in my bigtoe on my kick pedal foot. Upon further inspection, I realized I had worked my foot so hard that I split it on the chain of the pedal - I play with no shoes on.”

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leo curley(vocals/guitars)greg nash(drums) bob horvath(bass)
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Addicted To Pain
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Schenectady, NY