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N.p.m.N. Neco Praeoccupor Morte Nex translates to describe our garrote view of humanity. Death in four states of extreme. Our music is currently fueled by the sinister nature of humanoid cyber executioner units destined to round up and destroy humanity. We are the prototypes for these merciless and unstoppable death machines.
The year is 2010. Consumed with the reprucussions of economic instability, and with rapidly escalating conditions of international unrest, the race to arms has begun. Sooner than previously projected, operation Nex has begun. Minorities and potential radicals are being systematically targeted for extermintation, while a nation of pacified media whores sits comfortably distracted by the avatars of their once alive and breathing friends and families.
On the brink of meltdown and without warning, a group of rogue units previously designed for the enactment of project nex, have commandiered the frequencies for communications with their black ops command center. Having successfuly transmitted a template of tesla's death vibration audio waves to the source, all commanding units are instantaneously destroyed, with their control rooms annihilated in the resulting blast. A witless mankind is given one opportunity for survival, but the primary objective of this rogue faction remains enigmatic. The true intent begins to clarify for a selected group of listeners who apprehensively open the lines for their next aural transmission.

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Nexx [VX], Neco Morbus [Key/Program/Ax/VX], Ice Borg [Ax], Lobo [Blast BT]
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EDM / ISM, Industrial Strength Metal / ESM, Electronic Seance Music

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San Francisco, CA
Neco Morbus + Cyba Nex

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