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Time Event
t=0 The universe starts to expand
10exp-44 s The universe can be described on mathematical terms.
10-12<t<100 Myr Universe becomes visible.
100<t<104 Myr Galaxies and solar systems form
60000 BC The first human comes to exist.
500 BC<t<100 BC Euclid’s Elementa lays the fundamentals on abstract mathematical thought.
100 BC<t<1600 Teleological and biblical views of nature prevail
1600<t<1900 AC Birth of differential calculus and classical physics. Empirism and quantitative analysis triumph.
1900 < 2000 AC Quantum mechanics destroys determinism in science. Cosmology becomes a science. String theories and standard model of particle physics arise. Black Sabbath invents heavy metal.
2004 AC The first loops for the Physicists are created
2006 AC The Physicists consists of 3 hardcore scientists :MC Omega 0 ( ESA Space research, guitar, vocals, loops ), Gravitinus XVI ( Feynman models, guitar ), Eerosmith ( Maritime logistics, drums ) The Physicists perform their first gig on Uusi ylioppilastalo. Result is chaos; flying debris and police.
2007 AC The Physicists plays the dirtiest bars in Helsinki and shittiest movie festivals on the globe. The first CD; Welcome to the dark room is published. The feedback is controversial, ranging from glorious applause to total denial to the very existence of such noise.
2008 AC The Physicists rises up to play bigger Rockclubs in Helsinki. The band gets radio- and press time. The second CD: The old religion is published. The raging minds and artistical views of MC Omega Zero and Gravitinus XVI clash together hard, resulting in the Gravitinus leaving the band. A bass player F.P. Meridian (Dimensional geological analysis) joins in.
2009 AC A deeply troubled astronomer, David, joins in to handle rhythm guitar. Not concerned with metal, David Brings in tones of punk and Hawaian slides. Among doing gigs, the Physicists reserves studiotime to record their first full lenght album: Introduction to chaos theory.
2010 The recording takes a lot longer than expected, in a fact the whole year. And then some. To understand this completely you must remember that ThE Physicists are both alcoholists and perfectionists. The endless mixing and mastering rumble gets on everybodys nerves, not to mention wallets and finally leads to David quitting the band. During the last months of the year, The Physicists at last finds a producer with enough insight, vision and excitement concerning the project to finally mix and produce the album. Him being no other than the infamous Hiili Hiilesmaa, man behind HIM and Apocalyptica to name just a few. Around the same time a record company, Inverse/Firebox records takes contact. They are fucked up enough to take Da laboratory under their label!! Crraazzyy.
2011 ThE PhysicistS plays major Helsinki venues; Bar Loose, On The Rocks, Nosturi and Bäkkäri. The record "Observation" is released 10.08. Some of the reviews here:
2012 Eerosmith is old. There´s no arguing that. Like centuries old, propably older than time itself. In full understanding he now moves on to the Blues-league; the guys playing at the corner of the bar with a whiskey in one hand and a whore in another. Goodbye Eerosmith!! Without you the world would be a better place with no burden called ThE PhysicistS to carry around!! Eerosmith´s chair is taken on by Bill Rubin of which we will present an in-depth interview with very soon. In cosmological timescale!! Like never!! Meanwhile the Physicists finally get their first video released. This highly controversial beyond PG-visual stream of lunacy is greeted with panic and bewilderment all over the globe. Check it out yourself. Go to youtube now!! Hurry!! The band continues to widen their gig-horizon, them negotiating gigs over the Finnish border as we speak. As MC Omega Zeros delirium deepens he decides to registrate Elektrik Products.He is now an official gig-promoter!! And did I mention an evil string theorist!!

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MC Omega zero ( Vocals, guitar loops ), F.P. Meridian ( Bass ) , Bill Rubin (Drums), M-Theory ( Guitar )
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The PhysicistS
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Helsinki, FI

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