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My Name is Verlon Gates:

I'm a songwriter.... not a performer.. not a singer. I'm a songwriter. I want other people singing and performing my songs in front of as many people as possible. ---------- To that end... any artist who asks permission to use one of my songs will be granted permission. There are limits to that permission.... and I will retain ownership of the songs.

The only thing I fear is not having my songs heard. ------------ -----------------

I do NOT fear having them "stolen." ------ ----
I WANT YOU to sing my songs. ------- --------
If they are good enough that you would like to perform them... I will make them available to you in a manner that will be fair to you and will not cost you money unless you begin getting airplay with my songs.
I'm also open to nearly any collaboration.
I can add effective music to your lyrics... (Heck... I've written very effective music to Lincoln's Gettysburgh Address and the Preamble to the Constitution of the U.S.)
I can add dramatic and meaningful lyrics to your existing music.
I can add accompaniment to your existing melody and lyrics.

I can provide complete musical notation for all instruments for any accompaniment (my song or yours) that I write.
What I am NOT is a performer. My songs on this site are not flawlessly sung... I'm not a singer. My songs on this site are not professionally played... they are electronically played in a rather generic manner. All I'm able to do as a singer/performer is communicate what the song COULD BE.
In every case, the songs WILL sound a lot better professionally played and capably sung.

Please listen with that in mind. Don't listen to how they are played here.... Listen to how they would sound if YOU played them.

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I am the lyricist on all my songs. Several other people collaborate on some of my melodies and accompaniments.
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HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
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